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All-you-can-fit small moves and shipments anywhere in the continental US, starting at $1,399!

A simple price for a simple shipping crate solution

ReloCrate gets your goods anywhere in the country, starting at $1,399.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing ReloCrate are:

  • The shipping crate is 6’ x 4’ x 4’ and arrives flat on a pallet (147 pounds)
  • DIY set up is required – this is simple and should be easily accomplished by 2 people in about 10 minutes. See a video here.
  • The crate can hold up to 1,500 pounds of household goods.
  • Pickup happens in 1-2 business days (on average) after you call, with delivery 3-5 business days after that.

Insurance is available to cover the value of the items you crate against loss or external crate damage; please discuss options with your ReloCrate small move specialist.

Tips for the best ReloCrate experience

It is a two person job to move and set up the crate, so have a friend or two ready to help you.

Set the crate up exactly where it will be picked up. Have a clear pathway between there and your home or business for easy loading. Don’t build it inside, it won’t fit out your front door!

Have a large tarp available in case of bad weather. You could also plastic wrap the crate or tape over the seams.

Fill the space. Place your largest items first and secure them as best as possible. Then fill in with bags of clothes or books or linens. Your items can jiggle around during transport, so more is better to keep things in one place.

Anything fragile or breakable should be carefully cushioned and boxed before crating. Especially fragile, valuable, and sentimental items should be moved via a different TSI solution.

Weight should be evenly distributed across the bottom of the box - do not have all the heavy items on one side!

Get insurance – it’s worth the peace of mind just in case the crate gets lost or damaged.

If you end up with extra items that won’t fit in the crate, let TSI know when you call and we can arrange for the additional items to be added to the shipment.

ReloCrate works
well when:

The ReloCrate is
not the best option when:

  • You have boxes, clothes, books, bikes, small pieces of furniture.
  • Your items total about a half of a room or a small studio apartment.
  • Nothing is too fragile or valuable.
  • You have a friend or family member to help set up the crate and load.
  • You have clear, flat space to leave the crate for pickup by a large truck.
  • There is similar space on the delivery end for the truck to unload the crate.
  • Your items are very valuable or fragile.
  • You need to move a mattress of any size (but we do have solutions for that too).
  • Items are of a commercial nature - the ReloCrate program is for household goods only.
  • You live in the city with no easy place to set up the crate for truck pickup.
  • Delivery is in a city with no easy place for crate drop off.
  • There is a security risk on either end. Crates are not locked so locations should be safe.

Note: If any of these factors is an issue for you, call TSI. We have lots of other service options that can meet your needs.

Starting at $1,399 for whatever household goods you can fit* – anywhere in the continental US.
*No hazardous materials or commercial goods allowed.

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