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Shipping rugs with TSI

Rely on TSI to ship your rug long distance. Our logistics specialists will create a custom solution for your rug shipment, whether it’s being shipped on its own or as part of a larger move. We ship rugs of all shapes, sizes, and fibers, including wool, braided, oriental, shag, and all your high-value and antique rugs.

Rug shipping prices start at $350 for pack-it-yourself Economy service and $650 for professional White Glove service, but can vary greatly depending on the value of the rug and the distance it’s travelling.

How to pack a rug for shipping

For rugs smaller than 8 x 10, follow these steps to get your rug ready to ship:

  1. Clean your rug. The last thing you want is dirt and debris rolled up in your rug. Vacuum your rug prior to shipment, or if the rug especially soiled, have it professionally laundered. Make sure your rug is completely dry before packing it up. 
  2. Roll the rug around PVC pipe. Roll tightly, but not too tight. A very tight roll could irreparably damage the fibers of the rug. If you hear cracking, stop and roll it a bit looser.
  3. Wrap the rug. Wrap the rolled up rug in heavy plastic and secure the edges with packing tape.
  4. Label. Add a label with the destination address.

For rugs larger than 8 x 10, our White Glove professionals will come into your home and prepare it for shipment. A two-person team provides inside pickup and delivery for you large and valuable rugs.

Christopher's story

Challenge Accepted
Christopher had a pair of matching Persian rugs that he wanted to give to his daughter and her new husband as a wedding gift.

Problem Solved
Christoper was able to get in contact with Carol, a representative at TSI, who was able to provide him with advice and a clear description of how the rugs would be handled. The rugs arrived safely and on time for his daughter's move in to her new home.

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Excellent job. Packaging was difficult, but it all arrived safely. Thanks!

Roberta H. Roberta H.

Customer service at TSI was excellent. I was very comfortable with the rep and all the information he shared with me about the process. I could not have been more pleased. The men who picked my furniture up were just amazing. I wanted… More ›

Roseanne D. Roseanne D.

I was very satisfied with the customer service. The moving consultant handled by requests and met my moving concerns in a patient, yet timely, and informative way. When I needed to contact him off hours because I live abroad, I was responded… More ›

Arden L. Arden L.

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