What is a Professional Organizer?

Whether you're overwhelmed by clutter, planning a move, settling into a new home, or are simply decluttering, getting organized is rarely as simple as it seems. Our Complete Guide to Professional Organizer Services will answer all your biggest questions about working with an organization pro, from what professional organizers can help you with and how much they cost to deciding whether you need one and how to choose the right organizer for your project.

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1. What Is a Professional Organizer?

Start by understanding what a certified professional organizer does, and how they can help you organizer your spaces.

2. What Is A Professional Organizer NOT?

While professional organizers can help you with many projects, there are some things they can't help with.

Certified professional organizers are experts who are specially trained in organization strategies. They typically work with individuals or businesses to create more efficient approaches to home or workplace organization and decluttering, and they can help with projects of any size—from a pantry or closet to an entire home or office. 

In this section of the professional organizer guide, we’ll take a look at what a professional organizer is (and what a professional organizer isn’t). 

What Is A Professional Organizer?

A professional organizer is someone who has trained and received certification in organizational practices. Their professional purpose is helping clients organize their space, whether that be their home, office, or business. 

Professional organizers typically study and are trained in things like:

  • The ethics of professional organizing 
  • Working with seniors
  • Room by room organization
  • Office organizing
  • Organizing tools and strategies
  • Working with seniors and clients with neurodivergence and executive dysfunction
  • Recognizing hoarding behavior

A certified professional organizer is typically a good problem-solver and has access to a professional network, tools, and deals from suppliers. Some certified professional organizers have also completed extra training to become specialists, allowing them to work more effectively with seniors, people struggling with executive dysfunction, or hoarders. 

This education and training allows them to help you with a variety of home and office organization projects, such as:

  • Decluttering
  • Home and office organization
  • Room redecoration
  • Coordinating move management
  • Settling into a new home or office
  • Setting up efficient spaces with a place for everything, such as playrooms and kitchens

TSI’s professional organizer services specialize in helping you achieve your organizational goals, whether you’re decluttering ahead of a long distance move, settling into a new home or office, or need help creating an organization structure that works for your family or workplace. Learn more about our organizer services

What Is A Professional Organizer NOT?

Professional organizers can typically help you with many parts of the organization process, from planning to implementation, but even with all their certifications and specialized training, there are certain things they may not be capable of. It’s important to remember that a professional organizer is not: 

  • A cleaning service. They can help with decluttering, removal and junk, but not actual cleaning. If you help with cleaning, hire a cleaning service separately. 
  • A therapist. Some professional organizers may have a background in psychology, but they are not professional therapists. If you have deeper issues that are triggered by getting rid of your stuff then you should seek the help of a trained counsellor or psychologist. 
  • A decision maker. They can help you make decisions by making recommendations based on their expertise and objectivity, but they can’t actually make the decisions for you. 


A professional organizer is someone who specializes in planning and implementing organizational systems in residential and business settings, and who is capable of helping with a variety of different projects to help you get your space organized to your liking. 

Learn more about our professional organizing services.

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