Welcome to TSI's
Small Move Referral Program

Now you can have your cake and eat it too. 

TSI's Small Move Referral Program gives you more options.
When a customer comes to you for a solution your company doesn’t  or can't currently offer, you can still meet their needs. Send them to TSI and make money for doing it! We'll  give the customer a great experience and you can spend your time servicing the leads you do best with. Being able to offer solutions for every situation builds customer loyalty and maximizes the value of every lead.

TSI expands the solutions you can provide your customers:

  • Moves that fall under your weight minimums - we specialize in 100 - 3,000 pound moves.
  • Long distance service - intrastate or interstate, cross-country or down the coast, we handle anything 150 miles+.
  • Specialty transport - we can safely move pianos, grandfather clocks, antiques and heirlooms, artwork and sculptures. 
  • Extra options when you are over-capacity in high volume times

Our referral partners are van line agents, independent movers, pack-and-ship providers, and more. 

We don't compete with your business. We expand it. You handle all the jobs you want to, and we help with the rest. 

How Our Referral Program Works

Sign up & get your code

Click the button above to register - it's quick and easy! You can sign up for your company or as an individual. We will send you a referral code to easily share with your customers.

Refer leads to TSI

Send leads by phone or email and we'll route them straight to our logistics specialists for VIP treatment. From quotes through operational support through delivery, we've got it covered.

Get rewards for booked leads

When you sign up, you'll select to receive a check or a rewards link based on your referrals that book in a given month. Rewards links can be redeemed for your choice of gift card(s).

Who is TSI?

TSI is a leading expert in long distance moving and shipping with a 30 year track record. Our national carrier network specializes in long distance small moves and specialty shipments across the nation. Our team of logistics and operations specialists works closely with customers to personalize the best solution for their needs and oversee the move from pickup through delivery. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Inside pickup and delivery with blanket wrapping of furniture
  • Curb-to-curb service for already boxed items
  • Custom on-site crating for fragile or valuable pieces
  • Packing, standard crating, storage
  • Expedited services when required
  • Various insurance options

Ready to do this? It's simple.