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  Need help shipping antiques? Our logistics specialists offer you the highest standard of reliable, professional antique shipping service including: Expert preparation and packaging Inside pickup and delivery by two-person moving crew Oversight of shipment progress


Services for shipping antiques

Blanket wrapping
A team of experienced antique shipping specialists wrap your antique items in special moving blankets to cushion them and protect them from scratches. Indoor pickup and delivery are included. Ideal for sentimental items with lower values and sturdy antiques. 

Ideal for especially fragile or high-value antique pieces, we find or build a custom crate to suit your item. Service includes indoor pickup and delivery. Ideal for items with glass or marble details and pieces valued over $2000. 

All antique shipping services include federally mandated limited liability, which pays out at 60 cents per pound. We highly recommend purchasing supplemental insurance for antique, high-value, or sentimental items.

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