Shipping Insurance

The basics:

We provide carrier liability coverage at no cost, and we offer additional coverage at reasonable rates to ensure you can have the peace of mind of full, actual value coverage.
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General Insurance

Moving insurance vs. carrier insurance

If you are using Transit Systems for your shipment, please refer to your
Terms and Conditions to identify which insurance, if any, you currently have.
Moving Insurance, LLC is a division of Relocation Insurance and is available
for most White Glove and Economy shipments. Carrier Insurance is available
for White Glove shipments that cannot be insured with Moving Insurance
(i.e. Grandfather Clocks and Pianos) or may require blanket coverage.

How to determine the value of my item...

The most effective way to determine the value of your item is to
locate the item's original invoice or a recent appraisal. Alternatively,
an online search for similar items on websites like Amazon or
Ebay may help establish an appropriate value.

Why additional insurance is important

The likelihood of damage or disappearance is extremely rare (less than
3% of shipments), but can occur. All carriers, not just Transit Systems, are
required to provide a bare minimum of limited liability coverage. Economy
shipments are mandated at 10 cents per pound. White Glove shipments are
mandated at 60 cents per pound. If you have not considered purchasing
additional insurance, please be aware that a 500 lb. Economy shipment
would have a maximum claim payout of $50.00.

The Claims Process

In the unlikely event that your shipment arrives damaged:

- The party at the delivery location must accept delivery.
- All damages must be documented on the delivery receipt.
- Damages must be reported to TSI immediately (required within 48 hours of delivery).
- TSI will initiate the claims process and the customer on file will be contacted by the insurance company in 3-5 business days.
- Customers must be prepared to provide proof of damages, proof of value, and a repair estimate.
- Claims are subject to a $100 deductible.
- Any uninsured items are eligible for a limited liability claim only.

Once all supporting documents are provided to the insurance company, claims will be processed and are typically finalized within 60 business days.

Note: We do not insure TVs

Flat screen televisions do not travel well in shipping environments and the likelihood of damage is too great for insurance companies to take the risk. If you decide to ship a flat screen television, you are doing so at your own risk. If the television is damaged or disappears there will be no monetary compensation for shipping charges or any type of valuation.

Moving Insurance

Full Replacement Value — Valued Inventory - Small Move Insurance
Full Replacement Value — Valued Inventory & Full Replacement Value — Lump Sum Insuring Agreement

Moving Insurance Qualifications:
All items must be insured for their full value.
- Values must be assigned to each item you wish to insure, including itemizing all contents of an insured box.
- Customer packed boxes or items are subject to a limit of $750 per box/item.
- Customer packed shipments are subject to a limit of $2,500 per shipment.
- High-Value items exceeding $750 must be packaged by an approved 3rd party professional.
- See Insurance Exclusions for a comprehensive list of items that cannot be insured.

Quick Facts:

Moving Insurance LLC is a division of Relocation Insurance.
Moving Insurance has a standard rate of $6 for every $100 in value.
Each shipment is subject to a $100 deductible.
All items must be insured for their full value.
Any changes must be made at least 24 hours prior to pick up.

Moving Insurance Exclusions:

Accounts, bills, currency, cash, evidence of debt, money, checks, money orders, c.o.d. payments, coins, stamp collections, sports memorabilia, securities, tickets, deeds, notes, gift cards, bullion, jewelry, watches, gemstones, furs, neon items, hazardous material, televisions, monitors, laptops, computers, computer chips/parts, cell phones, bulk products, perishable cargo, ceramic slabs, marble slabs, granite slabs, slate slabs, grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks, motorcycles, flowers, plants, seeds, firearms, newsprint, tobacco, windows, plate glass, stained glass and float glass.

Damage to any furniture constructed of veneered chipboard, particle board, composite board, or similar. Any reduction in quality thereof arising as the result of dismantling or reassembling of any such items of furniture is also excluded.

Carrier Insurance


1. White Glove orders not qualified for Moving Insurance may still qualify for insurance through our carrier.
2. Carrier Insurance provides the option to Blanket Insure your entire shipment or insure individual items.
3. Customer packed boxes or items are excluded from carrier insurance.

Preparing For Transit

Packing Tips:

Always use new, sturdy boxes. Check the bursting strength on the box to make sure that you do not exceed the weight limit for that box.

Always fill boxes to the very top. You should have to apply pressure to the top of the box in order to tape it shut. Failing to do this will result in the box bursting at the seams when items are stacked on top of it.

Genuine packing tape is the only tape that should be used when sealing boxes.

Fragile items must be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box with loose fill to eliminate any voids. Once the box is taped shut, place it inside a second box that is at least 2 inches larger (e.g. place a 16x16x16 box inside an 18x18x18 box). Put loose fill on the bottom of the larger box before inserting the smaller box. Fill the larger box with loose fill to eliminate voids.

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Ready to move? Here are some tips from the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration

A Successful Interstate Move

Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move

Payment Policy

Charges stated on your invoice are estimated and the final charges will be based on your shipment’s item count and actual weight. All shipments are subject to additional fees, including but not limited to: adding additional items, reweigh, packaging, crating, stairs, and storage fees. Shipments will not be delivered until all outstanding charges and fees are collected.

Late pickups or deliveries will not result in a refund. Transit times are never guaranteed.

Damaged shipments will not result in a refund. Insured items are eligible for an insurance claim.

Canceled shipments are subject to a processing fee and customers will be refunded within 10-15 business days:
A $50 fee for invoices up to $500M
A 10% fee, $100 minimum, for invoices above $500