7 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated During a Relocation

Posted in Commercial Moves on Apr 30, 2018, tagged with office moves

7 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated During a Relocation

Relocating your company may be a necessary and important step for your business, but like moving homes, it can cause a lot of stress—especially if it’s a long-distance move. While your employees may not necessarily have an active role in the relocation or be required to take on any additional duties, the moving process can still take a toll on their motivation. After all, this move means changes are on the horizon, and that can cause uncertainty and insecurity to flare.

Maintaining or boosting morale is an important aspect of any corporate relocation. Here are seven ways to ensure your workers feel excited and engaged throughout the moving process:

1. Communicate Early and Often

Communication is one of the most vital parts of any successful move. Let employees know as soon as possible that there is going to be a relocation. To limit gossip, have an office-wide meeting and inform everyone at the same time.

2. Keep them Informed of Any Updates

They may not need to be involved in the daily minutiae of the move, but no one likes to be kept in the dark about something that affects them. Make sure you regularly update employees about anything important or exciting regarding the relocation.

3. Involve Employees

Depending on the size of your company, it may not be possible for everyone to have meaningful input on your relocation, but even the largest business should give their employees a chance to voice their opinions and concerns regularly throughout the relocation. Wherever possible, involve them in the process and ask your employees for their ideas and suggestions for the new space.

4. Share the Details

Provide employees with as much detail as possible about your new space and give them opportunities to visit the location, if possible. You may also wish to consider creating an information packet for them to learn more about the area. Include details about:

  • Commuting & transit information
  • Parking
  • Day care services
  • Neighborhood areas of interest, such as coffee shops and cafes, convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, and other local services, such as dry cleaners

5. Outline Expectations

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement or anxiety of a relocation, so it is important to gently remind employees that they are still expected to perform their normal duties during this time of upheaval. Clearly outline your expectations for their performance so there is no confusion, but remember not to overwork them. They may have more on their plate with the relocation, including finding a new home or additional move-related tasks on top of their usual workload, so make sure no one is staying too late at the end of the day.

6. Incentivize & Reward

Even the best workers may need a little extra incentive during a relocation. Incentives are a great way to motivate employees, help make the moving process easier to endure, and aid in employee retention. There are a few different tacks you can take:

  • Giving out prizes and rewards for friendly competition can help boost flagging morale and reinvigorate employees.
  • Provide them with opportunities to socialize and have some fun while packing up the office by incorporating games and parties into the schedule.

7. Offer Assistance

If the move requires switching cities or states, your employees may need some help getting their own affairs in order. Whenever possible, provide them with the tools and assistance they need. This can include:

  • A relocation program to help them find a new residence or sell their old one.
  • Time off or flexible hours to pack up, sell their home, and find a new place to live.
  • Relocation bonuses, cost-of-living increases, and reimbursing moving costs.
  • The aforementioned information packets
  • Remote work options, so employees have the opportunity to get settled in their new homes and unpack.
  • Support services for employees and their families.

On the Move

A move is an exciting time for any company. Ensuring that excitement extends to your employees by demonstrating that they are valuable to you is an important part of keeping them motivated and involved through the entire process, which in turn will help ensure a the relocation is a successful and positive step.


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