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Top 3 Indicators of a Quality Moving and Shipping Partner (UrbanBound)

Posted in Commercial Moves on May 11, 2018, tagged with commercial shipping, employee relocation, guest article

Whether you're helping a new hire move or your business is transferring an employee from one office to another, relocating your employees can be a big investment. It’s also a significant investment for your employees; after all, they’re moving their life to a new city in service of your company! As an employer, there are many things you can do to reduce your employees’ stress throughout the moving process, including connecting your staff with a qualified, experienced moving or shipping partner. Working with a professional moving team can significantly lighten their load and will make it easier for them to concentrate on work without worrying about their upcoming relocation. But how can you tell whether a prospective moving or shipping partner is a good fit for your company? There are three factors to consider: flexibility, price and transparency.