12 Ways to Make your Winter PCS as Painless as Possible (Mamas and Coffee)

Posted in Moving on Oct 01, 2018, tagged with guest article, military moves, moving tips

Peak PCS season has come and gone, but for families preparing for a winter change of station, PCS season is just beginning. 

Between winter weather, transferring schools, and finding time to celebrate the holidays, a winter PCS poses unique challenges that can make the process seem even more daunting than usual. But there are some advantages to PCS-ing in the winter, and there are a number of things you can do to simplify the process, such as:

  • Preparing ahead of time for winter weather
  • Winterizing your vehicle
  • Creating a cold survival kit
  • Shipping some of your items in advance
  • Keeping some holiday decorations handy

We joined forces with Sybil (aka MomJonz) at Mamas and Coffee to share our best tips for planning a winter PCS. Head on over to Mamas and Coffee for our tips on making your PCS as painless as possible.