How to Organize your Kitchen: Cabinets, Drawers, and Pantry

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How to Organize your Kitchen: Cabinets, Drawers, and Pantry

Knowing what to do after moving into a new house presents its share of challenges, especially when you’re moving long-distance and may not have an opportunity to see your new place up close before you arrive. Don’t let the inevitable challenges get you down. Moving is the perfect opportunity to get a fresh start when it comes to your home organization.

Of all the rooms in your new home, the kitchen can be one of the most daunting spaces to unpack. With empty cabinets and drawers just waiting to be filled with your dishware, utensils, and cooking supplies, how do you decide where everything should live?

We joined up with the kitchen organization experts at RTA Cabinets to get their advice on how to organize your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and pantry. Let’s jump in:

No matter how large or how small your kitchen is, you always seem to run short on space. Drawers, cabinets, and pantries fill up and quickly get out of order, and soon you are digging for everything you need. Eventually, you will give up and forget it or find another tool to do the job, only to repeat this the next time you need that elusive item.

There are tons of things you can buy to help you get organized, but you have to find a place to put them first. Finding a place for these organizational tools can be much easier when you’re moving into a new home, but don’t be afraid to take advantage of your fresh start by having your cabinets redesigned, or at least updated with the latest organizational tricks.

Here are our best tips for organizing your cabinets, drawers, and pantry. You can also ask the pros at RTA Cabinets for ideas. We’ve seen it all and done it all.


The small cabinets above your sink or appliances are usually the hardest to use, so we’ll start there. Removing the doors and adding dividers makes this a very usable space, where you can easily see and reach plates, saucers, spices, or whatever you want. Storing your dishes in this space opens a lot of room in your other cupboards.

Under the cabinet, you will notice a metal rod. This is the same kind of rod you would use to hang curtains. You can easily hang bulky and cumbersome items out of your way by hooking hand towel holders, space makers, measuring spoons, and other items onto the rod.


Never leave a shelf in your pantry bare. Instead, follow these tips:

  • Slip in baskets, and store like-items in the baskets. When you are working, you can pull them out for easy access, especially if you keep the things you use often in baskets with handles. When you are cooking or working on crafts, you can take the basket with you. Get some baskets that are deep, as well as some that are shallow. If you add an extra shelf between the top shelves of your pantry, you can place the thin baskets (like desk trays) on these shelves. These narrow shelves are perfect for foil, wrap, baggies, and twist ties.
  • Make the most of your lower shelves by having them put on metal extenders so you can slide them out.
  • Inside the pantry door is the perfect place for small shelves dedicated to spices, flavorings, and accessories for your mixing bowls (such as lids, wooden spoons, and icing bags.)
  • Once you get your pantry organized, ask your builder to add wheels to the pantry. When you are cooking, you can simply roll the pantry over to the workstation and everything will be within reach.

You can also build a mini pantry that’s the perfect height to use while you are sitting:

  • Install tension rods with hooks that will hold coffee mugs.
  • Add vertical dividers to store plates.
  • Add a pull out drawer. Wrap a knife, fork, and spoon in a napkin and fill your little drawer with grab-and-go utensils.
  • The bottom is for perfect placemats.

When you are ready for your meal, roll your stand to the table, and you’ll have place settings for your family within easy reach. As you use them, refill and slide your mini pantry to the end of your island or an empty corner, and you’re ready for the next meal.


Makeup organizers make great drawer organizers. To keep them in place, use velcro on the sides so you can fit boxes in your drawer and rearrange as you wish.

Instead of plastic silverware holders, use wooden planks so you can organize the entire drawer with ease.

BONUS TIP: Put your salad dressings, condiments, and sauces on a lazy susan in the refrigerator. You will always be able to find them and see when you are getting low.


Moving into a new kitchen is the perfect opportunity to start things off on the right foot. There are bound to be some adjustments as you settle in and figure out what arrangement works the best for you, but these tips can help you get organized—and stay organized.

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