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Welcome to TSI Shipping and Moving, the nation’s leading provider of unique and affordable moving and shipping solutions. Hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses have trusted us for over 30 years to provide quality moves and shipments at long distances safely.

TSI specializes in transporting items when they are too much to take to your local shipping provider but too little to hire a full moving truck. We bridge the gap between parcel stores (such as UPS, FedEx, etc.) and large movers. Whether you're moving an entire household, distributing an estate, making a small move, or shipping one or two furniture items on their own, TSI makes it easy to ship almost anything long distance. 

Additional Services are available for your convenience. These include auto shipping, in-home professional organizing, full-value insurance, on-site crating, packing, and more. With our nationwide network of professional small moving and specialty shipping partners, TSI’s expert problem solvers specialize in creating custom plans for moving or shipping your items.







We can move and ship things other providers can’t.

How? We have a nationwide network of movers, shippers, packers, organizers, laborers… you get the picture. With easy access to a variety of service options, our logistics experts craft solutions that are unique and flexible. We have options to fit various budgets, timeframes, and levels of convenience needed. 

What is the difference between “Moving” and “Shipping”?

To be honest, not much. But here’s how TSI thinks about it:

  • Moving is the process of transporting all of your items because the physical location of your residence or business has changed.
  • Shipping is the transport of select items from one place to another - your location is typically not changing, just the location of your belongings.

Whether you request a moving quote or a shipping quote, TSI bases your estimate on the best set of services. Knowing whether you are moving or shipping helps us understand the context and things that may be important in the process.

Customer Opinions Matter

They help us serve you better. See what our customers have to say about our services below. You can read more reviews here

Flexible! We even had to change the delivery address mid- shipment and it was no problem

Doug F. tsi

Without hesitation, use Transit Systems. Discuss your needs and your shipment thoroughly with the knowledgeable staff to provide a smooth and accurate delivery.

Daniel B. tsi

Philip Trendler was so courteous friendly on the phone and with all of his emails, which I greatly appreciated. This is why I choose TSI. Every part of the shipment went as scheduled without a hitch. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Judith R. tsi

Service options that balance budgets, timeframes, and convenience

TSI’s national network of providers gives you access to a wide range of services at affordable prices. You will have a dedicated logistics specialist who will put together a solution based on your timing, budget, convenience, and the items being transported. Our most popular solutions include:

TSI’s Box-and-Ship Program

Have small household items that can be boxed? This service provides optimal convenience – send what you pack without leaving your home. We deliver empty boxes to your door, you pack them, and then call us when they're ready for shipment.

**Best for household item shipping of 5-15 medium boxes.**

White Glove Consolidated

This service includes 2-person inside pickup and delivery. We will blanket-wrap your furniture and you’ll take care of packing boxes. Your items will travel to the destination on a truck with other items going in the same direction.

**Best for small moves or furniture shipping with flexible timing.**

Full-Service Expedited

This service is for larger moves or those with tight timeframes. Our team will provide full packing service for all your household items and insurance is included. Pickup and delivery can typically happen within 10 business days of your booking if needed.

**Best for small-medium moves with tight timeframes or larger moves.**

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