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Shipping large boxes made easy

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TSI ships large boxes safely

For box and pallet shipping, TSI has the experience you need to handle the job reliably and affordably. If you have too many boxes for UPS but not enough to fill a moving truck, we’re here for you. With decades of experience behind us, shipping large boxes is safer with TSI. What should you pack in a box? Your furniture and appliances should be crated or blanket wrapped. For everything else, packing and shipping your belongings in large boxes is the safest way to transport your goods. This includes clothes, dishes, pots & pans, knick knacks, and small furniture items.

How do you choose the right box?
Using the right box is essential for keeping your items safe during transport. Follow these tips when choosing and packing boxes:
•   Purchase new boxes for fragile or valuable items. Used boxes are more likely to tear.
•   Sturdy used boxes can be used for soft, unbreakable items like clothes or linens.
•   Don’t use boxes that are too large. Empty space allows your items to shift during transit and may cause damage. If your boxes are too large, use clothing, linens, packing paper, or bubble wrap to fill empty spaces.
•   Make sure you use heavy-duty double-walled boxes for large, fragile, and heavy items.

Crate & Pallet shipping services

Crating offers maximum protection during shipment. If you’re shipping fragile or valuable items, crating can help keep them safer than sturdy cardboard boxes. Some items you may need to crate prior to shipment include statues, dollhouses, artwork, curio cabinets, and grandfather clocks. You may also need to crate items with marble or glass details.

If you have 10 or more boxes to ship, they may require palletization. Palletizing is a more effective method of transporting many boxes across a long distance. Our shipping specialists may recommend a pallet service if they deem it necessary. Just call us at 1-800-626-1257.

Save on shipping large boxes

We offer our customers discounted shipping rates because we ship boxes, crates, and pallets by freight. Shipping your goods via freight is ideal when you have too many boxes for UPS but not enough to rent an entire moving company. Our thoroughly vetted movers keep your boxes safe during transit and do it at competitive rates.

Call our highly trained shipping experts to get a fast and affordable price quote, or request an online quote. We will clearly explain how we ship your items and answer any questions you may have.

Packing supplies

We provide you with easy, safe, and affordable ways to transport your goods. Our shipping specialists are here to walk you through the entire process, including finding the right packaging materials for your shipment and ensuring your boxes are secure and ready for transport. Don’t hesitate to ask them for packing advice! Get more packing tips.

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