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Let us make your move or shipment in or out of California stress-free. With over 30 years in the moving and shipping industry, we have the skills and experience to make moving and shipping to the Golden State a breeze. We take pride in our exceptional services with affordable rates, and we also offer same-day and next-day pickup if you need to move in a rush.  15.5% of every job we’ve completed in the past 10 years have been small moves or shipments ending in California—more than any other state by a significant amount. 14% of our jobs originated in California—- again, the most by a large margin. We've moved over 5.8 million pounds into the state and 5.7 million pounds out over the last decade! Get a free quote by calling our moving professionals or request a quote online.

Easily ship or move in and out of California with TSI


Whether you’re shipping out of Los Angeles or moving to Laguna Beach, TSI wants to help. We can ship almost everything, from specialty items like pianos and dressers to boxes filled with large or awkwardly shaped items. And we’ll handle all the paperwork so you can focus on settling in. Did you know? People who relocate to California must obtain a California driver’s license within 10 days of moving and register their vehicles within 20 days according to StorageWest.

If you’re looking to save a bit of money, our Economy shipping option allows you to pack your items yourself with curbside pickup and delivery. Or you can relax and avoid those record high heat temperatures and let us prepare your furniture items for you with our White Glove service. We’ll immediately head off in the direction of your destination and bring your items inside upon arrival.


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Decades of experience

We know it’s stressful moving to a new state or shipping your goods across state lines. We’ve been helping Californians move in and out of the state since 1989, and have helped thousands of families and businesses move or ship goods every year quickly and at affordable rates.

Superior customer service

We provide the highest level of customer service. Our logistics specialists are knowledgeable, clear, and courteous, and will work hard to make your California shipping or moving service as simple as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1-800-626-1257.

Dependable carriers

With our extensive California shipping network, we're the moving and shipping company you can trust to get your things in and out of the Golden State. All of our carriers are thoroughly vetted to ensure professionalism and expert services, whether you’re shipping boxes, artwork, antiques, or other specialty goods.

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