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Need to move large items long distances? If your items are too large to send through parcel shipping services but are too small to fill an entire truck, TSI can help. Our expert problem solvers specialize in creating customized shipping plans that work for you. Whether you’re shipping a single item or multiple large pieces, TSI can ship large, bulky, or heavy items, including large boxes, pianos and other large instruments, china cabinets, grandfather clocks, furniture, appliances, and eBay transactions that most other packing and shipping companies cannot.

How packing and shipping companies work

You need help shipping large items
Call us M-F 9 am-6 pm ET, live chat with us, or submit an online form and we’ll get right to work. Have your pickup and drop-off zip codes, inventory and approximate dimensions, and any special considerations we should know about (like hard deadlines, stairs at either end and if you’ll need packing or assembly) ready when you call.

We’ll create a custom solution
Your large item shipment is assigned to one of our logistics specialists. They’ll be your single point of contact during the entire process, from quote to delivery. Using our nationwide network of moving and shipping professionals, they’ll design a personalized solution for shipping your large items.

Personalized large item packing & shipping solutions

Packing and shipping companies usually have two types of services offered, these include:

Economy service for boxed items Our economy service is ideal for boxed or crated items you can pack yourself, such as large boxes.

White glove service for furniture If you’re shipping furniture, fragile items, or valuable pieces, you need our White Glove service. White-Glove service can include professional packing and crating and indoor pickup and delivery.

FAQs for large item shipping

How do I ship my large item(s)?

Packing and shipping companies have several ways to ship large item(s). The best method will depend on what you’re shipping and how much you have to ship. For large or heavy items such as pianos and other large instruments, china cabinets, grandfather clocks, furniture, appliances, large boxes, and even eBay purchases, please contact our logistics specialists so we can determine the optimal custom solution for you.

What is the easiest way to ship my large item(s)?

The easiest way to ship large or heavy items is with a professional freight shipping company such as TSI. We offer both economy and white glove shipping options (like most packing and shipping companies), as well as specialty options like air-ride suspension and climate control trucks to accommodate most large item shipment requirements.

With a nationwide network of shipping partners to choose from, TSI’s interstate shipping specialists have the experience needed to get your items to their final destination as easily as possible, whether across the country or the other side of the state.

How do I pack my large item(s)?

The correct packing method depends on the item you’re shipping. For detailed packing instructions for some of the most commonly shipped items, read our “How Do I Ship That?” guides.

If you’re shipping boxed items using our economy service, you’ll pack your items yourself and help with curbside pickup and delivery. Our white glove shipping option is best for those who are unable or prefer not to have to pack their items. Our shipping specialists will come into your home to pack your items so you can rest assured they’ll be packed appropriately. For more fragile or odd shaped items, we offer on-site custom crating.

What’s the cheapest way to ship large item(s)?

The cheapest way to ship large items depends on the item(s) you’re shipping and how far they have to travel.

If you’re shipping large or heavy boxes or household items like furniture, the cheapest shipping method is often consolidated freight. TSI has access to a network of packing and shipping companies and is able to secure available space on trucks going the same direction as your shipment.

Are there any hidden fees with shipping out of state?

Often, packing and shipping companies will offer you a low rate and then surprise you with hidden fees like mileage or loading costs. There are no hidden fees when shipping with TSI—as long as you provide accurate size and weight dimensions, as well as information on any access limitations on either end, your quote will match the price you pay. 

What is the best way to ship large fragile items to a different state?

This depends on several things, such as the size, value, and weight of the item being shipped. Specifically for large or heavy shipments, freight shipping is usually the most efficient option. Depending on the service level, like other packing and shipping companies, we have several options for shipments including:

Economy shipping, which requires you to do the boxing of your items. To assist with this, we also offer a wide array of supplies to help you pack for your successful shipment. For tips and tricks to packing your sentimental or valuable items, check out our detailed “How Do I Ship That?” guides. 

White glove shipping can remove the stress of packing and transporting your fragile and valuable items across states. It also includes free in-home delivery, along with the preparation of your goods for transport.

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Okay I am probably a very serious person to judge this company since I am a LTL OTR trucker with a 100% pick up and delivery record and most company’s have very few drivers who can be in 1% club of trucking, but TSI's in the 1% club and… More ›

Debra K. tsi

Shipment of 1 item from CA to TX was efficient and faster than expected. True white glove service on both ends.

Mir Varend - CA to TX facebook

Shipping is expensive, But that’s anywhere. Your prices were much better than others I shopped around for. Communication was continuous, which kept me well informed and didn't require any inquiry on my end.

Jonathan H. tsi

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