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Specialized storage unit movers

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Let our storage unit movers do the work

TSI has over 30 years of experience in storage unit moving. Our reliable, professional team of movers will help you move your belongings in or out of storage with ease.

When should you hire storage unit movers to do the heavy lifting for you?

• If the items you need moved into or out of storage are traveling more than 150 miles.
• If you are between leases and staying in temporary housing.
• If you are downsizing and need help transporting your furniture and household goods into storage.
• If you want to keep your heirlooms and valuables safe from destruction during times of natural disaster.
• If you are responsible for settling an estate and need a place to keep items during the distribution process.

How does it work

You need something moved into or out of storage
If you need storage unit movers, call us M-F 9am-6pm ET, live chat with us, or submit an online quote. Have the pickup and drop off zip codes, inventory and approximate dimensions for each item, as well as any special considerations we should know ready when you call, such as fragile items or stairways.

Our logistics experts put together a custom solution
Our logistics specialists will put together a plan that’s perfect for your needs. Whether you have boxes, furniture, art, instruments, or more, we have a custom storage unit moving solution for you.

Our nationwide network provides expert service
We have professional carriers across the nation who can transport your items safely into storage, including specialty items. Meanwhile, our operations team will monitor your shipment’s progress and update you.

Safe and efficient storage unit moving

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