College Moves 101

QUESTION 1: Choose the statement that best describes your college move?

  1. I am a recent high school graduate planning a college move.
  2. I just finished my freshman year and don't know what to do with my stuff over the summer.
  3. I'm graduating from college and moving to a new city to start my career.
  4. I'm a parent looking to help my high school graduate or college student plan their move. 

QUESTION 2: True or false—I'm moving more than 150 miles.

  1. TRUE. I'm moving to college more than 150 miles away, in another state or cross country.
  2. FALSE. I'm going to college less than 150 miles from my home.

Whether you're a student or a parent of a college student, moving away to college is an exciting—and daunting—process, especially if you're looking at an out-of-state or cross-country move. If a long-distance move to college is in your future, there are a lot of factors to consider. Will you live on or off-campus? How will you get there? How much stuff should you pack or ship from home and how much should you buy when you arrive? 

Our College Moves 101 guide is dedicated entirely to helping you plan your college move, including:

  • Downloadable timelines and checklists to keep you on schedule
  • Printable college moving & packing lists for on- and off-campus living
  • Tips for moving your kids across the country, and more.
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