The Complete Guide to
Employee Relocation

Moving long distance is stressful under the best circumstances. Moving long distance for work, whether it's for an exciting new job or because your current employer is relocating, can take that stress to a whole new level.

Between faster timelines, closing your current home and finding a new home in another state, and managing job responsibilities, there are a number of unique factors that can elevate the stress of organizing an employee relocation. The employee relocation process can be challenging for employers as well, especially if they've never gone through the process of relocating employees.

Our Complete Guide to Employee Relocation contains all the information you need to know about relocating for work, whether you're an employee relocating for your job or you're an employer asking new or existing team members to relocate. 

To help you find the information you need most, we've organized our Complete Guide to Employee Relocation into three streams:

  1. General Resources: Learn the basics about employee relocation. For employers and employees. 
  2. Employer Resources: Are you a business owner or manager in charge of relocating employees? Read our employer resources for advice specific to employee relocation.
  3. Employee Resources: Are you relocating for a new job, or at the request of your current employer? Read our employee resources to learn more about what to expect, your rights, and more.

Keep reading to learn more.

General Employee Relocation Resources

What Is a Relocation Package & How Do They Work?

Discover what a relocation package is, what costs it may cover, and more. 

What Is Included in an Employee Relocation Package

Find out what costs are typically included in employee relocation packages. 

When To Work With an Employee Relocation Company

Learn about employee relocation companies and how they can help employees and employers with relocations. 

Resources for Employees

How To Ask for Relocation Assistance For a New Job

Get our advice for how to ask for relocation assistance for a new job. 

How To Ask for Relocation Assistance For Your Current Job

Get our tips on asking for relocation assistance from your current employer.

My Company is Relocating...What Are My Rights?

Understand your rights and what you are entitled to when your employer asks you to move. 

What To Expect When You're Relocating For Work

Take a look at what you can expect from the entire employee relocation experience.

What Counts As Moving Expenses?

Take a look at what a relocation allowance typically covers, as well as some additional costs some employers might cover.

Questions To Ask Your Employer Before Relocating for Work

Get our advice for what you should always ask your employer about before committing to the relocation.

Resources for Employers

What is an Employee Relocation Policy?

An employee relocation policy make relocating simpler for both you and your employee(s). 

Sample Relocation Letter for Your Employees

Learn how to write an employee relocation letter with three customizable templates. 

Best Practices for Relocating Employees

Best practices for relocating employees can vary by industry, role, and distance. Read this guide to learn more. 

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