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Should You Pack Differently For A Winter Move?

Posted on Jan 25, 2017

Truck rental costs and other moving fees can be at their lowest in winter, which means that if you don’t mind moving during the school year, a winter move could save you money.

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How To Ship A Glass Table

Posted on Apr 13, 2016

Clearly, there is a right way and a wrong way to ship a table with a glass top. Learn how to pack and ship a glass table correctly so it arrives at your destination in one piece.

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Different Sizes Of Bubble Wrap And When To Use Them

Posted on Sep 28, 2015

If you’re moving, or even shipping something, you’ll probably end up buying bubble wrap. But what size and grade are the right ones for your specific needs?

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How to Prepare Your Grandfather Clock for Moving

Posted on Aug 14, 2015

Grandfather clocks have a lot of value to many people. For some, the value is only in that they are very expensive to buy and very expensive to fix. For others, the clock has been in the family for generations and while the monetary value is still high, the sentimental value is priceless. Whatever the case, if you are moving in the near future, it is important that you take the right steps in order to protect it from damage during the relocation.

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How To Safely Move A Treadmill

Posted on Jul 06, 2015

Treadmills are among the most common types of exercise equipment today. If you are moving to a new home or have sold your treadmill, you may run into an unexpected problem. Treadmills can be difficult to ship! With their weight, awkward shape and large space, you might be at a loss; but don’t worry.

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How to Pack a Dollhouse for Shipping

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

As any collector knows, packing and shipping fragile items like a doll house is not an easy task. There are multiple delicate and expensive pieces, some have moving parts that need secured and others are very old and cannot take any large falls

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How to Prep Your Elliptical Machine for Moving

Posted on Jun 26, 2015

Elliptical trainers are a low-impact type of exercise equipment that helps you get in shape without hurting your back or knees. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful and you try to move and ship large items like this, not only can you cause yourself possible injury, but you can also end up breaking the equipment itself.

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How to Pack Your Couch for a Move

Posted on Jun 22, 2015

While your couch may seem like one of the easy pieces of living room furniture to pack and move, it can actually be very fragile; with cushions or fabric that could easily be ripped, legs that can get chipped, and damaging the frame itself when it bangs into walls. Sounds scary right? Wrong!

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The top 10 places Californians now call home

Posted on Jun 08, 2015

Californians enjoy amazing weather, incredible climates and access to farm fresh and exotic tastes. From the beaches to the mountains, the forests to the lakes, it is a dream to live in paradise. However, with the current drought and rising costs of living, some Californians are starting to leave their residences and making general relocations to many great new places to call home.

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How to Safely Pack Your Furniture

Posted on May 08, 2015

When it’s time to pack your furniture, don’t over think it. With simple household items like tube socks and laundry baskets, you can help avoid damage to your furniture. Use the guide below to help you safely pack your furniture for moving and shipping.

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