11 Reasons to Move to Oregon

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11 Reasons to Move to Oregon

The state of Oregon offers one of the most unique and refreshing living experiences in not only the Pacific Northwest but in the entire United States. In fact, in 2017, Oregon came in second behind New Hampshire as one of the most desired states to move to. With great weather, amazing nightlife, and breathtaking sights, Oregon is a state that can satisfy nearly anyone’s needs.

1. Diverse natural scenery

Oregon is home to several parks, lakes, mountains, forests, and even deserts.

  • With Alvord Desert located in the south-east portion of the state, you can explore unique scenery that makes it easy to forget you’re in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Crater Lake, located in the south-central portion of the state, is the deepest lake in the United States at nearly 2,000 feet. The lake, which has no connection to any river, contain clear blue water and is surrounded by trees, making it a sight worth seeing.

  • Mount Hood is the largest mountain in Oregon, located about an hour south of Portland. The mountain also serves as a “potentially active volcano” according to the U.S. Geology Survey, although many consider it to be dormant.

2.  Expansive coastline

If you’re a beach lover, Oregon is the state for you. With nearly 360 miles of coastline, there is plenty of opportunity to take in the scenery of the Pacific Ocean. Due to the Oregon Beach Bill of 1967, every beach is free to the public year round.

Activities you could enjoy at these beaches include fishing, horse riding, surfing, and longboarding. The beaches are also home to many beautifully designed lighthouses.

Locations such as Astoria, which has been named one of the world’s top 100 beaches, provide visitors with an opportunity to participate in myriad activities, such as view shipwrecks, visit museums, or look for birds or whales. On top of this, Astoria was also where The Goonies was filmed.

3. No sales tax

Along with Alaska, Montana, Delaware, and New Hampshire, Oregon is one of only five states in the United States that has no sales tax, so you can take comfort in knowing that whatever is on the price tag is exactly what will be charged. While income taxes are higher than the national average, Oregonians benefit from not having to pay a sales tax on pricey items. Local businesses also benefit due to simpler reporting, making financial bookkeeping easier.

4. Craft beer scene

While some states may have a craft beer scene, Oregon has it deeply ingrained in the fabric of the state. Oregon is known for the many craft beers that have become increasingly popular within the state. The state produces nearly two million barrels of craft beer per year. Of those, nearly 800,000 of those barrels were consumed within the state of Oregon.

With Oregon’s fertile soil, hops come in very fresh each autumn, and a number of beer festivals have popped up across the state during that time of year. The Portland Craft Beer Festival is one of the best known worldwide, occurring every July.

The state also has nearly 31,000 jobs related specifically to craft beers, with over 260 breweries.

5. Booming economy

In 2016, Bloomberg stated that Oregon had the healthiest economy in the nation, using statistics such as unemployment, housing, and other factors.

Initially a state whose economy was almost fully contingent on natural resources, Oregon has expanded its economy drastically within the last three decades.

Particularly, the manufacturing and electronics industries have served as the biggest growth engines for the state in recent years. Although still part of Oregon’s vibrant economy, the shift away from industries that tapped nature has also led to more conservation of the state’s beautiful natural resources. The biggest employers in Oregon are involved in the health and science sector, as well as Intel and Nike, both headquartered in Beaverton.

6. Portland

Also known as the Rose City, Portland is becoming one of the most sought-after cities in the country to move to. While it is typically associated with millennials, the average age of residents is 36 years old, so the city’s population is diverse.

One of the main attractions to Portland is the food scene. In fact, Portland has a large number of food carts located throughout the city and has since 1912. This has helped to earn the city the title of the world’s best city for street food according to CNN.

The transportation in Portland is extremely efficient, with multiple options for commuters. It is the only city in the country with mainline access to steam locomotives and on top of that, there is also an aerial tramway that shuttles commuters. Portland has also been named one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country.

The city also boasts successful sports teams, music venues, and several theaters for the performing arts. If you live in Portland, there will be plenty to do to keep you entertained.

7. Weather

While it is true that the Pacific Northwest is often rainy, this is not an everyday occurrence. Rain generally occurs more on the western side of the state as a result of the Pacific Ocean, while the Eastern part of the state is much drier.

Residents of Oregon generally experience all four seasons. However, the weather is not as drastic as it can be in other regions in the country.

Snowfall occurs in Oregon during the winter seasons, particularly along the mountains. Oftentimes, in larger cities like Portland and Eugene, as well as along the eastern side of the state, snow does not occur as frequently. When moving to Oregon, expect to have the beauty of each season, and pack accordingly!

8. Coffee

The coffee culture in Oregon is huge, and it’s continuing to grow. The city of Portland has more roasters and cafes per capita than any other city in the United States. Many attribute the rise of the coffee scene in Oregon as a direct parallel to the rise of cuisine and dining in the area.

The importance of coffee is not lost on the residents in Oregon, and due to the state being on the coast, many different types of roasts are available for people to experiment with.

9. Wine tasting

If you love wine, Oregon is the state for you. With a multitude of wineries all throughout the state, there is never a shortage of vineyards to visit.

Willamette Valley, located in the northwest region of the state, contains about 70% of the state’s population and is home to many of the wineries in the region. In fact, the area is known as Oregon Wine Country, boasting more than 500 wineries due to the fertility of the area.

Aside from Willamette Valley, places such as the Walla Walla Valley, which is placed in between two mountains and the Columbia River, offer beautiful scenery and a wide array of wineries to satisfy anyone’s taste.

10. Sports

Oregon offers a great sports scene for all types of sports fans. These sports include football, basketball, and soccer, in addition to hiking, and other recreational activities.

Among those teams is the Portland Trail Blazers, who play in the NBA. The team has achieved success in the league, winning one championship and making the playoffs 34 years out of its 48-year existence.

The Portland Timbers of Major League Soccer has also been successful. Founded in 2011, the team won the MLS Cup in 2015. Soccer is very popular in Portland, with many fans coming to attend the games, and some naming the team's followers as some of the most passionate fans in the league.

Football is also big in Oregon, with the Oregon Ducks NCAA Division 1 team competing in the PAC-12 conference. The Ducks competed in the National Championship in 2014, and featured Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota the same year. If you’re a fan of tailgating, the excitement of major college football, and competitive teams, Oregon has a lot to offer.

11. Education

Education is a major factor in Oregon’s culture. With many colleges and universities in the area, residents have ample chances to expand their knowledge.

Oregon State University is the highest ranked academic institution in the state, as well as number one in enrolled students. The state also offers the University of Oregon, another highly-respected research institution.

The state also provides private universities, many of which are in the Portland area. These include The University of Portland and Marylhurst University.

At the elementary and high school level, Oregon’ public education system includes more than half a million students divided between 197 school districts. There is roughly one teacher for every twenty-two students. Portland Public Schools is the largest district with nearly 50,000 students.



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