7 Common Mattress Types and How to Move Them

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7 Common Mattress Types and How to Move Them

When it comes to mattresses, we can all empathize with Goldilocks's struggle. This one is too firm, that one is too soft, then suddenly, you find one that’s just right and everything falls into place. The last thing you want to do is abandon your perfect mattress when you move!

From inner spring to memory foam to waterbeds, there are a number of varieties of mattress to choose from. But finding the right mattress isn’t just about comfort - sleeping habits also play an important role in selecting the right mattress. Whether your priority is budget, temperature control, or support, choosing the right mattress doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out our infographic to learn more about the most common types of mattresses:

Moving Your Mattress

No matter how much you love your mattress, there’s no denying that they are heavy, bulky, and inconvenient to move. There are two ways you can get your mattress to your new home:

  1. Move it yourself
  2. Ship your mattress with a professional shipping company

For local or short-distance moves, it may be cheaper and more convenient to move your mattress yourself. In this case, how you plan to move the mattress will dictate how you pack it.

Most mattresses won’t fit in the back of a car, so many people choose to secure their mattress to the roof of their car or pack it into a rented van. Regardless of how you plan to move your mattress, it should be wrapped in plastic or a special mattress bag before you move in order to protect it from damage and dirt.

If you’re planning on securing it to the roof of your car, keep these tips in mind:

  • Tape or tie down any extra plastic. Wind can easily rip loose plastic and create a sail that could cause your mattress to come loose from the roof of your car.
  • Make sure you have enough rope to wrap the length of the mattress three times, and the width of the mattress twice.
  • Ensure your mattress is balanced in the middle of the roof of your car to prevent shifting and sliding.
  • Secure your mattress by passing rope through open windows at least twice before tying the rope together on the inside of your vehicle. Make sure you leave the driver’s side door free, since you won’t be able to open any doors that have rope passed through the windows.
  • Drive slow and take quiet streets as much as possible. You may even wish to have a friend drive behind you to warn you if the mattress shifts out of place.

If you’ve hired movers, remember that all movers require mattresses to be bagged and boxed before moving day. Need a mattress box? Order one from our supply shop.

Shipping Your Mattress

For long distance moves, it’s often easier to ship your mattress rather than to move it yourself - shipping your mattress with a professional shipping company is safer, and it may also be cheaper than renting a truck.

TSI ships hundreds of mattresses every year, with shipping options to suit your needs and budget. 


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