Moving in Together

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Moving in Together

Life is filled with different adventures, including the decision to move in with a significant other. Being in a romantic relationship requires a lot of dedicated effort to make it healthy and successful. When moving in with each other, it’s helpful to remember the steps that need to be taken in order to enjoy every aspect of living together.

Whether you’re preparing for the move or in the final phases of moving, there are many things you can do to make things easy and stress-free.

Before the move

1. Give and take

When you’re moving in together, each partner must agree to downsize the amount of stuff they currently own. Some belongings may be useful to carry on to your new residency, while other items will no longer be needed. Decide together which furnishings will be most appropriate in your new space. The following things could be purged or shared, since you’ll likely have duplicates:

  • Bedroom
    • Mattress
    • Bedframe
    • Dresser
    • Bedside tables
  • Kitchen
    • Table
    • Chairs
    • Appliances
    • Cutlery
    • Dishes
  • Living Room
    • Couch
    • Coffee table
    • Television
    • Loveseat

2. Pack together

Work as a team and pack everything together so you can support each other through what can easily become a stressful process. Packing requires diligence, patience, and an understanding that it will be a time consuming task. Lean on your partner for help as you sort through clothes and other possessions.

3. Make extra money for the move

Hidden expenses always come along with moving, including shipping items that are too large to bring on your own, or paying movers to help haul valuables to your new place. Try these tips to earn some extra cash:

  • Collect spare change: Set aside a jar for you and your partner to toss spare change into. Although it may not seem like much, over the course of packing and preparing for your move, this money can really add up!
  • Host a garage sale: Sort through all of your belongings with your significant other and set aside items that won’t be needed in your new home, like those old superhero bed sheets or that dated doll collection. Pick a date that works for the two of you and host a garage sale. Advertise beforehand to ensure you draw in business.

4. Donate

Consider donating everything that can’t be sold or brought with you to a charitable cause. Schedule a Veterans donation pickup or drop off your belongings at a local GoodWill.

5. Get excited!

You and your significant other are about to start a new journey together. Moving in with a loved one is a major step in your relationship, and it’s something that should be celebrated. Remember to cherish the process even during stressful times.

After the move

1. Work together to design a pleasurable aesthetic

Make your new home with your significant other a place you both equally enjoy living in together. Both parties should have a say in how you design the space. What colors will the walls be painted? Will there be hardwood floors or carpeting? Also, make it a necessity to create leisure areas or do things that help you to not only relax, but also bond and enjoy spending time at your new home together, such as:

  • Planting a garden together
  • Experimenting with which colors work best in each room
  • Creating an office for days you choose to work from home
  • Laying out a plan for a backyard
  • Sprucing up each room by decorating it with conversation pieces, such as mirrors, artwork, photos, or ornate rugs

2. Create a space to have your alone time

Within your new abode, you should also aim to create an area for yourself that fully encompasses your individuality and personal interests. Make this a place where you can relax and enjoy things that your significant other may not share the same affection for. Alone time is a necessity that everybody needs and should not be overlooked now that you are sharing a home with your loved one.

  • Designate a reading nook for her favorite books
  • Create a coffee bar in the kitchen for his lattes and espresso drinks
  • Set up an area where she can focus on her art
  • Choose a space where he can store his gym equipment and work out

3. Spend nights inside getting accommodated  

After moving away from where you were comfortable and into your new place together , it may feel slightly uncomfortable to spend time in such an unfamiliar space. Use this as an opportunity to become accomodated to your new home together. Don’t go out every single night of the week trying to learn about the new area you’ve just moved too. Instead, pick a few nights to stay inside, enjoy each other’s company, and celebrate this next chapter of your relationship.Try some of these fun things:

  • Have a game night
  • Cook new recipes together for dinner
  • Watch a movie over a glass of wine

4. Establish your presence

Your new home should be a cherished area to share with your loved one. Claim the space by adding photos of the two of you around your new home. These photos will serve as a reminder of the fact that the two of you are on this adventure together.

5. Get to know the neighbors

Once you feel more comfortable living together under the same roof, take the opportunity to get to know your new neighbors. If you’re moving to a suburban area, chances are the neighborhood you’re living in is filled with other couples. Try to establish new friendships outside of your own relationship and take the initiative to host couples nights at your new home.

6. Go out and learn about your new area

When you're moving in with your significant other in a new area, discover places that the two of you can spend time together. These could include:

  • Local restaurants
  • Parks or recreational areas
  • Local sports leagues or gyms
  • Community associations
  • The movie theater

Do not forget list

There are several tasks and considerations that are often overlooked when you and your significant other are living together, but should always be remembered in order to have an effortless move.

  • Set aside money for groceries
  • Forward your new address to family and friends
  • Bring along cleaning essentials (vacuum, mop, window cleaner, etc.)
  • Pack extra linens and towels
  • Create a collection of necessary handy tools you might need for the move:
    • Hammer
    • Nails/ Screws
    • Duct tape
    • Paint brushes
    • Thumb tacks
    • Batteries
  • Stock up on first aid supplies to keep inside the house
    • Band aids
    • Antiseptic cream
    • Pain relievers

Remember and reflect on your relationship

Moving in together is a stressful process that requires dedication from each person in order to make it successful. Not every aspect of it will be easy, but the end result will be worth it. TSI can help ease some of the stress of this adventure. As a leading provider of long distance shipping and moving services, TSI can ship your furniture and other belongings to anywhere in the country. For the lowest rates around, let TSI alleviate the burden of having to move your furniture or high-value items, so that you two can thoroughly enjoy the process of moving in together.  


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