Top 10 Cities for Singles

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Top 10 Cities for Singles

For the first time since 1976, when the government began tracking marital status, single adults make up more than half the population of the United States (source). Singles outnumber married adults in 27 states, presenting singles who are ready to mingle - and relocate - with numerous singles-dense locales across the nation to choose from.

Forbes recently analyzed three independent reports by Travel and Leisure, WalletHub, and NerdWallet to determine the best cities for singles. Their evaluation was based on two main factors:

  1. The number and cost of places to meet someone, such as bars, galleries, and concert venues.

  2. The number of singles in that city.

Here are the top 10 cities for singles to live in, according to Forbes:

1. Atlanta, GA

A whopping 70% of Atlantans are unmarried. Combined with a high number of night spots per capita, a hip feel, and a good balance between single men and women, the high number of singles in Georgia’s capital earns Atlanta the top spot on Forbes’ list.

2. San Francisco, CA

Known for its walkability and high standards for food and drink, San Francisco is also home to a wide variety of nightlife options, with the local wine bars topping the list, making it a great place for singles to get out and meet new people.

3. Minneapolis, MN

According to Travel and Leisure, Minneapolis is the smartest, fittest, and friendliest city in the nation. It’s also home to an active art and nightlife scene, and 64% of its population is unmarried, with a good balance of single men and women.

4. Austin, TX

An established tech hub, Austin was ranked by Travel and Leisure as the #1 city for “cool locals”. Austin’s many college students and nightlife options, as well as its plethora of restaurants, earn this southern city the #4 spot on Forbes’ list.

5. Boston, MA

A walkable city known for its sprawling, beautiful parks, Boston is also a great city for singles because of its food and bar scene. Plus, 70% of its population is unmarried.

6. Cleveland, OH

We’d all like to flee to the CLEleve, but singles should want to even more: 68% of the city’s population is single, and its many bars and cultural hotspots provide plenty of opportunities to meet new people. And for all you single beer lovers, Cleveland is also known for the quality of its craft brews.

7. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles isn’t an especially walkable city, but don’t worry—you won’t have to go far to get to one of the city’s many nightlife spots. The majority of this trendy and stylish city is single, and people come from all over to live in LA, so singles are sure to meet someone interesting.

8. Tampa, FL

This beach city has a laid back feel and lots of places to meet new people without spending a ton of money. Tampa is the perfect home if dive bars are your scene, but there are many upscale venues to sample as well.

9. New York, NY

New York City can seem intimidating at first thanks to its stylish locals and high prices, but with so many people and so much to offer, the City That Never Sleeps has something for everyone (and every budget). Plus, it’s easy to get around the city on foot or by subway.

10. Chicago, IL

The Windy City rounds out Forbes’s list of the top cities for singles, thanks to Chicago’s high population of unmarried residents (63%) and its abundance of restaurants and nightspots.

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Moving On

Single and ready to relocate? Thanks to their vibrant nightlife and cultural scenes and high population of other singles, these ten cities might be the perfect place to meet your match.

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