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Best Practices For Shipping A Bedroom Set

Posted in Blog on Apr 11, 2016

Moving and shipping leader, Transit Systems, has provided a guide of best practices for packing and shipping all of the furniture pieces in a bedroom set.


A bedroom set has a great deal of value, and because of its size, weight and shape, is a challenging item to ship during a move. In addition, if your bedroom set is damaged in transit, repairs may be quite expensive. To prevent damage and make sure your furniture arrives at your new home safe and sound, follow these best practices of how to ship a bedroom set.

Packaging Materials

The first step in the safe and secure shipping of a bedroom set is to use the appropriate packaging materials. Here is a checklist:

1. Mattresses

  • Poly mattress bags protect mattresses from dust, dirt, moisture and other outside contaminants. Special size mattress bags are available to fit twin, full, queen, king and oversize mattresses.
  • Custom-size mattress boxes add a further layer of protection, and are worth the investment if your mattresses are being shipped a long distance, or will be subjected to rough conditions in transit.

2. Bed Frames

Bed frames are disassembled for shipping, and can be wrapped in moving blankets, protective packaging materials, and/or packed in a box. Moving blankets have the advantage of being easily re-usable. Packaging materials — such as air bubble or polyethylene flexible foam — are roughly equivalent in cost but can be cut to size for a perfect fit. It is important to use plenty of protective packaging on frames, because any dents experienced in transit could render your frame unusable.

3. Headboards

Packaging for headboards is similar to frames: moving blankets and protective packaging are the best options. For headboards, however, another consideration is surface protection that prevents scratches and nicks to headboard wood. Moving blankets may be abrasive; for maximum surface protection, polyethylene or polypropylene, flexible foams and bubble packaging are great options. For surface protection only, a small diameter bubble or flexible foam 1/16-inch thick to 1/8-inch thick work well; if cushioning protection is also required (in the absence of moving blankets), use a large diameter bubble or flexible foam ¼-inch thick or greater.

4. Dressers, Night Tables and Other Large Items

Additional bedroom set items that are heavy and irregularly shaped should be wrapped with a combination of moving blankets and protective packaging, making sure that drawers and other movable parts are secured with tape that will not leave an adhesive residue. Many otherwise diligent movers overlook this last point, but adhesive residue can be problematic to remove depending on the surface of your furniture. Speaking of tape, make sure mattress boxes and other boxed items of the bedroom set are sealed with a heavy-duty box sealing tape. Standard sealing tape is 2-inches-by-48-millimeters wide; heavy-duty tapes are typically 3-inches-by-72-millimeters wide, and with a heavier backing and more aggressive adhesive coating. The investment and care in your bedroom set packaging will be quite a setback if the mattress slides out of the box on the way into your new home, because the box sealing tape failed. As with many other aspects of a quality furniture-moving experience, the devil is in the details.

5. Bedroom Set Parts

To make re-assembly quick and anxiety-free, put all bed-set hardware and miscellaneous parts — screws, bolts, casters, wiring, etc. — in poly bags with a white block on one side. The blocks will allow you to mark each bag with the identity of the contents. In addition, if parts are subject to damage or surface marring, wrap them individually in bubble material or foam. All bagged parts for the bedroom sets can then be placed in a standard sized moving box for shipment.


Selecting a company to handle your bedroom set shipping is straightforward if you know what to look for. Important points to be sure of:

  • Is the shipper properly licensed and insured?
  • Does the shipper have experience handling bedroom sets?
  • Is the truck in good working order and properly maintained?
  • Will the shipper be following safe, smooth routes to your destination?
  • Does the shipper provide a transparent price quote, breaking out charges for transportation, fuel, labor and packaging materials?
  • Will the shipper provide references? (It’s well worth the time to check references.)

These days, most shippers/bedroom moving companies have online reviews that are quite helpful in the vetting process. Reviews you can have great confidence in appear on websites with strong editorial guidelines, such as Yelp, Angie’s List, BBB, and moving industry organization websites and blogs. Another important consideration for transportation: How much handling will your bedroom set be subject to during the transport? If you are sharing a truck with other customers of the shipper, your bedroom set components may be taken on and off the truck during shipment — the more your furniture is handled, the more opportunities for slips, drops, dings, dents and serious damage. A dedicated truck, where your furniture is loaded and unloaded once, is the safest option. The value of a shipper with experience — that knows how to ship a bedroom set — cannot be understated. Because of their shape, bulk and weight, bedroom items cannot be easily immobilized or stacked (or stacked at all), and yet must be loaded securely to prevent shifting. Shippers with expertise in bedroom furniture transport know how to use belts, air bags and other blocking-and-bracing items to keep each piece of your valuable furniture secure throughout the trip. Also, experienced bedroom furniture movers know how to move items out of your old home and into your new one without damaging the items, house walls or doorways. Not only do experienced movers handle these large, heavy items more safely, they actually do it faster, which takes time out of your move and possibly, takes cost out as well.

Attention to Detail

As we said earlier, the devil is in the details when it comes to a successful move. Your bedroom furniture represents a big investment on your part, yet in the rush and anxiety of moving, many people are simply too preoccupied to make sure every detail is covered in the packaging and shipping of their valuable items. This is where Transit Systems, Inc. comes in. We are expert in bedroom set shipping, so we can handle the details while you focus on the 1,001 other things that need your attention. Please contact us today to learn more.