How To Ship A Glass Table

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How To Ship A Glass Table

Glass tabletops are not only fragile, but they’re heavy as well. If your glass table is not packed and handled correctly, you may arrive at your new home or office with a tabletop of broken glass. You have two options if you're moving a glass table:

  1. Pack and move it yourself
  2. Hire professional movers

Packing and moving a glass tabletop yourself

If you're planning to pack and move your glass tabletop yourself, it's important that you ensure it's packed properly and securely so you don't end up with a box of shards in your new home instead of your trusty table. The glass tabletop will requires special care to prevent scratching and breaking, but the base and legs can be packed like any other large furniture item using moving blankets, furniture pads, shrink wrap, heavy cardboard and packaging tape.

To pack your tabletop, follow these steps:

1. Collect packing supplies

Protecting your glass top requires the right materials. Here is a list of the items most commonly used for packing glass, mirrors, and pictures:

  • Packing (Kraft) paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging tape
  • Yardstick or measuring tape
  • Styrofoam boards
  • Telescopic box, cardboard to make a box or plywood to build a crate
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Thick black marker for labeling

2. Remove the glass

When shipping glass tables of any size, the glass top must be separated from the base and legs. In some cases, this is very easy—the top simply lifts off the base. Some glass tops are screwed onto the table base and will need to be unscrewed carefully from the base. If this is the case with your table, be sure to place the screws in a plastic bag, then label the bag and attach it to the base for safekeeping until you’re ready to reassemble your table.

3. Wrap the tabletop

Smaller glass tops are much easier to wrap and pack. Follow these steps:

  1. Wrap the edges in thick cardboard
  2. Place the glass between Styrofoam boards
  3. Put the wrapped top snugly in a sturdy box
  4. Label the box “Fragile” or “Glass—Do Not Break”.

Large glass tabletops, on the other hand, are more difficult to wrap and secure in place in the moving truck. If you're packing a large glass tabletop, follow these steps:

  1. Wrap the top in packing paper and secure with tape, taking care to keep the tape only on the paper to prevent adhesive residue from ruining the glass surface
  2. Place the paper-wrapped top between two pieces of foam board that have been cut to the exact size and shape of the tabletop, or cover the wrapped top with bubble wrap
  3. Secure the boards or bubble-wrapped top with packaging tape
  4. Measure the wrapped tabletop to determine the size box or crate you need
  5. Purchase a special telescopic box for transporting glass, or build a sturdy box or crate to enclose the wrapped top
  6. The box or crate should be as close to the dimensions of the wrapped top as possible—excess space leaves room for movement that can result in breakage
  7. Tape the sides of the box or crate securely with packaging tape. Do not use masking or duct tape on the box, as these tapes do not seal as well as packaging tape.
  8. Label both sides of the box or crate “Fragile” or “Glass—Do Not Break”.

4. Load your tabletop into the truck

Once you have securely packed your tabletop, carry it carefully to the truck on a hand truck.

Pay particular attention to how and where your wrapped glass top is placed in the truck. To prevent breaking and shattering, wrapped glass should always be placed upright on its side in the truck; never put glass flat or with anything lying on top of it. Within the truck, it is best to lean the glass top against the side of the truck interior. Keep your glass top from sliding or moving by placing heavy items, such as a mattress, on the side or in front of the packed glass. For additional protection, you can use a sturdy rope to tie your package in place. Once your tabletop is securely placed in the truck, you and your glass table are ready to go!

Hiring professional movers

Residential shipping & delivery or consolidated freight shipping companies will have the experience and expertise to properly pack, load, and transport your glass tabletop so you can rest easy knowing it will arrive in one piece. 

If you have a glass table to move, put TSI's nationwide network of professional shipping partners to work. Our movers know how to handle fragile belongings and valuable furntiture, so you can count us to get your glass table to your new home safe and sound. 

Conclusion: How to ship a glass table

Shipping your glass top table doesn’t have to be a scary experience. Now that you know how to move a glass table top, you can get your breakables as close to shatterproof as possible. And, with the right help, you can ensure your items arrive unscathed.

If you have questions about packing materials and proper packing procedure for your glass top table, contact us at 800-626-1257 for advice and a free quote.

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