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Packing Materials Resources, Guides & Tips

Simplify the process of shipping your belongings and moving your home or office with our packing materials resources, packing materials guides, and packing materials tips.

How To Protect Your Home from Damage When Moving

Posted on Oct 05, 2020

Unless you take steps to protect your home as well, lifting items that typically aren’t meant to be moved also increases the risk of damage to your home. Keep your home safe and damage-free throughout your move with these tips.

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How Many Boxes Will I Need for my Move, and What Size Should I Get?

Posted on Nov 12, 2018

When you’re moving, one of the most difficult things you’ll need to figure out in advance is how many moving boxes you’ll need and what sizes you should stock up on.

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How To Pack Boxes Properly and Safely

Posted on Apr 02, 2018

Using proper packing materials and loading your boxes safely can make all the difference when it comes to whether or not an item makes it to your new home unscathed. Here’s how to ensure your moving boxes are well-packed.

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3 Important Moving Labels to Add to Your Boxes

Posted on Oct 09, 2015

You probably already know that it's important to label your moving boxes with the room they belong in. But is just labeling the room enough? Anyone who has packed and moved recently will tell you "no". 3 useful packing labels for your moving boxes To help ensure that your boxes go in the room they belong and that they are treated carefully and properly during loading and unloading, here are 3 additional labels you should use. 1. In the Kitchen: "Dishes", "Appliances", or "Glassware" Our kitchens contain a wide variety of items, including durable things like cutlery and breakable fine china or ...

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Different Sizes Of Bubble Wrap And When To Use Them

Posted on Sep 28, 2015

Whether you’re moving or simply shipping something, you’ll probably end up buying bubble wrap at some point. There are a wide range of bubble wrap sizes and grades available, each suited for different tasks. But what size and grade are the right ones for your specific needs? Learn what the different sizes, grades, and their qualities are, and which ones are the right types of bubble wrap to use when moving or shipping items.

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Why You Should Use Moving Boxes & Not Grocery Store Boxes

Posted on Sep 18, 2015

Boxes are a part of moving just like water is needed for swimming. There’s no way around it. Your first reaction might be to head to a grocery store; but you’ll learn fast that this is a huge mistake! Grocery store boxes are not the same as moving boxes. They’re made to store and transport product then be discarded or recycled. They don’t have the durability, protective layers or quality that a real moving box needs to have. If you’re on the border between buying moving boxes or simply going to the store and asking for some, read this post first! Cleanliness The moving boxes you buy from a mov...

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Packing Peanuts vs. Bubble Wrap When Moving

Posted on Sep 04, 2015

When it comes to packing up your belongings for a move you’ll need to make sure you choose the right packing materials for the job. In most cases you will be choosing between the two more popular types of packing materials: bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

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Where to Get Free Moving Boxes

Posted on Jan 07, 2015

Find out where you can get free moving boxes! We have the ideas so that you can do the shopping!

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5 Tips for Using Moving Boxes

Posted on Sep 17, 2014

Find out what moving boxes you should be using and where you can get them with our latest blog with moving tips.

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