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Simplified pallet shipping

TSI can help you ship pallets anywhere in the world, including expedited delivery to over 200 cities nationwide. When you ship a pallet with TSI, your shipping plan is customized to fit your budget and schedule. Our team of logistics specialists will coordinate every aspect of your shipment and act as single point of contact throughout the process.

A pallet shipping company that works for you

Pallet shipping services can be used for residential and commercial shipments of:

  • Valuable and fragile items, such as clocks, engines, or artwork. Palletizing these items keeps them safe.
  • More than 15 boxes. Palletizing boxes keeps your entire shipment together and decreases the chance of losing something.

Do you need help packing and palletizing your items? How about indoor pickup and delivery? Get the professional help you need with TSI’s White Glove shipping service. If you’ve already palletized your items and can help load and unload the truck, ship your pallet using our Economy service. Need a custom crate? We can help with that too.

Prepare for shipping a pallet

Unless you select White Glove service, you will be responsible for preparing your pallet for shipment. Here’s how to prepare your pallet:

  • Pack individual boxes tightly and fill empty spaces with packing materials like bubble wrap to prevent shifting. Tape boxes securely, including all seams and corners.
  • Stack boxes carefully and evenly, keeping heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter boxes near the top. Distribute weight evenly, both within boxes and on the pallet.
  • Add a layer of flat cardboard between rows to add extra cushioning and security.
  • Protect corners with cardboard corner guards.
  • Shrink wrap the entire pallet tightly. Wrap the pallet 3-5 times in high-quality shrink wrap, including the top. Twist the wrap for added strength.
  • Secure your boxes in place on the pallet using a nylon strap.

Need to ship a pallet?

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