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Rely on TSI for your furniture shipping needs

Furniture shipping can be complicated and costly. But with TSI, we make the process a breeze. Our customers see greater savings with us than if they go directly to independent shipping companies.

If you’re looking for cost effective furniture shipping solutions, TSI is your best bet.

White Glove service

Get your furniture prepared and delivered by professional movers. Our White Glove service makes furniture shipping simple. Professional movers come inside your home and prep your furniture for you (and pick up any boxes you might be shipping as well). They load everything onto the truck and head off towards your destination. Once your items arrive, our two man moving crew brings your furniture inside. Tell them where you want everything and they will unwrap and place it for you. Relax and feel secure that your pieces will make it safely to their new home.

What do we ship? Basically everything.

If you need furniture shipped, look no further than TSI. We ship your large, bulky, or oddly-shaped furniture for the lowest cost.

Bedroom sets
Your bed frame, nightstand, and dressers are safe with us. Choose our White Glove service and our professional movers will prepare your furniture for transport and get it to its destination safely.
From a twin to a California king, if you need a mattress shipped, we’ve got you covered. Foam, pillow top, innerspring, memory foam. Sleep soundly knowing your mattress is in good hands.

Dining room sets
Your dining room is the gathering place in your home. Memories are made and bread is shared. We’ll make sure your dining room set gets to its destination safe and sound.

Patio furniture
Keep your patio furniture looking nice. Professional movers will make sure your furniture arrives intact.

Living room furniture
Couches. Coffee tables. End tables. We’ll get your living room furniture to its destination at competitive rates. Ship safely with TSI.

Books take you on a journey. Doesn’t your bookshelf deserve a safe journey? TSI will get your bookshelf where it needs to go. We’ll make sure your books have a home.

Your desk is where your great ideas are born and your hard work is done. We’ll ship your desk quickly, so you can keep your ideas coming.

Old and new furniture
Whether your furniture is brand new or a treasured family heirloom, no one will take better care of it. Across the state or across the nation, TSI will get your furniture to its destination safely.

Special care for antique furniture

Your antique and valuable furniture is safe with TSI. Our antique professionals go above and beyond, ensuring a safe and timely delivery of your antique goods.

Stay relaxed knowing your shipment is covered. Any service from TSI comes with federally mandated shipping insurance. And we offer additional insurance to ensure your peace of mind.

Why choose TSI for your furniture shipping needs?

Extraordinary customer service
We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are always ready to answer your questions or calm concerns.  We’re here to help you with your entire shipment process, from beginning to end.

Tracking and monitoring
Know exactly where your furniture is at all time. From the moment your furniture is picked up to its timely delivery, you’ll be in the loop.

Customized furniture shipping plans
We don’t believe in "one size fits all" shipping. Our logistics professionals work with you to create your perfect shipping plan. We work with your timeframe and budget to custom create a plan to get your furniture from point A to point B safely and quickly.

Competitive rates
Save more when you choose TSI over independent furniture shipping companies. If your weight and dimension estimates are correct, the quote you get is the price you pay. Simple.

Decades of experience
With over 27 years in the moving and shipping industry, we know all the tricks of the trade. We help thousands of families and businesses every year. And we want to help you.  We are prepared to deal with every facet of your furniture shipment.

If you want a shipping company you can trust, choose TSI.

See what other people think of us.

In 50 years of being in businesses that required shipping, TSI is far and away the absolute best I have ever worked with. I have never had this kind of service from any other person taking care of my shipping needs, both coming and going. I will continue to use TSI for all my shipping needs.

Albert B

Albert B

TSI is the Absolute Best

I participated in the live chat online. The moving specialist was able to give me a quote very quickly. The price I received was extremely reasonable. By the end of the day I had a bill of lading. Pickup was the next business day and my items were delivered 2 days later.

Mike B

Mike B

Live Chat

I was very impressed with the knowledge, professionalism, and genuine caring that I received from the folks at TSI. They were very friendly. They explained how the process would work in detail. Everything was done as they said it would be. I don’t mind paying a fair fee for such first class service.

Kurtis S

Kurtis S

A Fair Fee for First Class Service

Give our shipping experts a call at 1-800-626-1257. Or you can get a quote online now.

TSI makes furniture shipping simple.

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