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Mattress shipping made easy.

We ship hundreds of mattresses every year. We’re experts at getting any type of mattress from point A to point B. If you’re looking for an exceptional mattress shipping service, look no further than TSI.

Find a service that’s right for you.

Our logistics specialists work with you to create a mattress shipping plan to fit your needs. We can work with almost any timeframe and budget.

We have two services to choose from, White Glove and Economy.

If you want to pack your mattress yourself, our Economy service is ideal for you. We recommend packing your mattress using the following tips – Place your mattress in a plastic mattress bag, then in a mattress box. Make sure the box is padded with moving blankets, for extra protection.  Label the top end of the box and write your address as well. Then, help our driver load your mattress onto the truck. Upon arrival, your mattress will be dropped off curbside at its destination.

On a tight schedule? Ask about our Economy Select and Economy Plus packages. 

White Glove service

Don’t want to pack your mattress on your own? With our White Glove service, you don’t have to. Professional movers come into your home and prepare your mattress for you. They’ll load the truck and head off towards your destination. Upon arrival, our two-man moving crew will unload and bring the mattress inside, leaving you to relax.

Why ship your mattress with TSI?

Mattress shipping is safer, more affordable, and way less stressful with TSI. Trust the moving and shipping experts to make your shipping service simple.

Shipping your mattress is safer than moving it yourself.
We’ve all seen cars speeding down the highway, a mattress haphazardly attached to the top. Moving a mattress this way can be dangerous.  

In fact, it’s illegal to drive with an improperly secured load. You can get a pretty hefty ticket.

TSI can help you ship your mattress. And we’ll do it safely.

It’s cheaper to ship a mattress than rent a truck.
If you’re moving your mattress across the country, or even just across the state, getting a truck is expensive. Rental fees. Gas. Packing materials. The costs add up quickly.

But with TSI, you’ll save money. You only pay for space your mattress takes up in the truck. We work hard to get your the lowest price for your shipping service.

Professional shipping is less stressful.
Do you really want to move your mattress yourself? You don’t need the added stress. Professional shipping is the safest and easiest way to ship a mattress.

TSI works with professional movers – the industry’s finest. They know how to get your mattress to its destination quickly and safely. No need to stress.

How do you pack a mattress and box spring?

Packing your mattress and box spring correctly ensures a damage-free delivery. Here’s how to pack your mattress and box spring for shipping:
Take down measurements. Note the width, height, length, and weight of your mattress and box spring. For reference, twin mattresses are approximately 38 inches wide by 75 inches long, full mattresses are approximately 54 inches wide by 74 inches tall, queen mattresses are approximately 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, and king mattresses are approximately 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. Weight varies by mattress type. Knowing these dimensions will help when you’re looking for a shipping quote.
Remove bedding. Pack sheets, quilts, duvets, mattress pads and covers separately.
Bag and box it. Wrap your mattress and box spring in bubble wrap or packing foam. Place in a protective mattress bag, which is relatively inexpensive (around $10-$20) and keeps your mattress and box spring safe from moisture and dirt. One bagged, place your mattress and box spring in a box. Fill excess space with packing peanuts to avoid shifting during transit.
Choose White Glove or Economy. If you want to save some extra cash, choose our curb-to-curb Economy service. Or enjoy inside pickup and delivery from professional movers with our White Glove service.
Unpack. Upon delivery, unpack your mattress and box spring. Be careful when using a knife or scissors to open the box! You don’t want to tear a hole in the mattress or box spring.
Sleep soundly. Take a well-deserved nap on your safely delivered mattress and boxspring.

Need help moving or shipping other items? TSI can help.

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I would like to thank Kathy Temple who was very helpful and patient. Especially considering the time difference between our two countries. She made the whole transaction easy to set up from the other side of the world!

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TSI is here for you. Give our mattress shipping specialists a call at 1-800-626-1257. Or request a quote online now. 

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