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TSI: leading Ohio shipping company since 1989

Since our earliest days, TSI has been providing top-notch shipping and moving services to clients in the Buckeye State and beyond. Dubbed one of the fastest-growing private companies in America by Inc. and one of the fastest-growing companies in the region by Philadelphia Business Journal, we provide exceptional service at surprisingly low rates.

Through the discounts we have worked out with leading carriers, we’re able to offer better rates on the best transportation services. TSI is federally licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation under license number 517872. We’re an Approved Vendor for large-item shipping to The UPS Store® locations, as well as the Associated Mail and Parcel Centers.

Ohio shipping services

TSI is more than a nationwide leader in moving and shipping services — for clients in Ohio, we’re also the local transportation company to trust. From Cincinnati to Columbus, our Ohio carriers handle projects such as:

Furniture shipping to Ohio
Clock shipping to Ohio
Mattress shipping to Ohio
Rug shipping to Ohio

Benefits of shipping to Ohio with TSI

When you choose TSI for your shipping and moving needs, you choose a company where good service and clear communication are priorities. We know how notoriously difficult dealing with movers and shipping companies can be — and that’s why we strive to make every part of your experience simple and clear. Some of the key advantages of working with us include ‌fast, accurate pricing quotes online or via phone, competitive rates, ‌licensed and approved transportation providers, and personalized customer service.

How do we do it?

At TSI, we like to say we’re the shipping company for people who don’t use shipping companies. What we mean is that, even when you aren’t used to working with professional shippers, we can give you what you need to get goods where they need to go. Here are some ways we simplify the shipping experience:

‌We’ve negotiated discounts with respected national shipping companies for savings we pass on to you.
‌We manage the logistics of your shipment, from paperwork to tracking to communication throughout the process.
‌TSI offers the strength of a large shipping company with the personalized attention of a family-owned business.
Whether you need furniture shipping, antique shipping, or shipping services for a bulky, awkward item that seems hard to ship, TSI offers affordable shipping packages to suit your needs.

Two services for shipping to Ohio

To suit our services to your needs, we offer two levels of moving care: Economy and White Glove.
With Economy service, we provide curb-to-curb shipments that you pack and unpack yourself. Ask about our Economy Select and Economy Plus packages if your schedule is tight. 
‌With White Glove, you get your own two-person team to handle all of the details of your shipment. Our Ohio movers will come to your home or business, prepare your furniture for transport, carefully arrange them in our truck, and deliver them to their intended destination, providing inside delivery.

Shipping to Ohio?

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