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Cross Country Mattress Shipping with TSI

Whether you’re moving a single mattress or an entire household’s worth of mattresses, TSI makes mattress shipping easy. With our nationwide network of professional shipping partners, TSI’s expert problem solvers specialize in creating customized plans for shipping mattresses. 

All of TSI’s mattress shipping solutions include professional packing and preparation to ensure your mattress arrives undamaged. Need to ship mattresses from multiple origins to a single destination, or from a single origin to multiple destinations? We can help with that too. Request a mattress shipping quote for more information. We can ship mattresses across country or any distance longer than 150 miles, including:

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Request a mattress shipping quote online or call us to get an instant quote from a live moving expert from our Wayne, PA office. Our logistics specialists will collect all the details about your move or furniture shipment, create a custom moving plan, and provide detailed pricing for shipping mattresses.

Mattress Shipping Services

If you need to ship a mattress cross country or long distance, our White Glove Consolidated shipping service is often the best option. If you need faster delivery or have an entire home’s worth of stuff to ship, our live shipping experts may recommend our Full Service Expedited moving service.  The exact cost of your shipment will depend on the size and number of mattresses you’re shipping, the distance they will travel, and any special considerations such as electronic components. Unless you’re shipping a specialty, custom, or designer mattress, it is often cheaper to simply replace your mattress when you reach your new home.

White Glove Consolidated

  • Professional preparation of the furniture
  • Indoor pickup and delivery
  • Limited liability coverage

Full Service Expedited

  • Expedited timing
  • Full professional packing
  • Indoor pickup and delivery
  • Full valuation protection insurance


What kinds of mattress can I ship?

TSI ships all kinds of mattresses, including innerspring, hybrid, pillowtop, memory foam, latex, and gel spring mattresses. We also ship waterbeds, adjustable beds, and specialty mattresses. The DIY mattress shipping program covers all standard mattresses and box springs up to 12.5 inches high. All other mattresses will be shipped using our White Glove service.

How long will it take to ship a mattress?

For White Glove Consolidated mattress shipping, we consolidate items going in the same direction on the same truck, so you can expect it to take up to 15 business days weeks for pickup and up to 20 business days for delivery. If your pickup and delivery locations are in well-populated areas, this timeline could be much quicker. For faster delivery, ask our logistics specialists about our Full Service Expedited shipping option.

Can I ship other bedroom furniture?

Yes, you can ship other bedroom furniture. Our furniture shipping services are ideal for shipping beds, including headboards, footboards, and all other bed frames, as well as other bedroom furniture.

What if I need help carrying my mattress?

All of TSI’s mattress shipping options include indoor pickup and delivery. Professional movers will come into your home, prepare your mattress for shipping, then load it onto the truck. They’ll also bring it inside upon arrival.

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Customer service at TSI was excellent. I was very comfortable with the rep and all the information he shared with me about the process. I could not have been more pleased. The men who picked my furniture up were just amazing. I wanted… More ›

Roseanne D. tsi

Thank you for such an amazing experience! My mattress and box springs came in a timely manner and were in the same condition as when I sent it. Very pleased with TSI.

Taunya S. tsi

I looked everywhere for a business that would ship my bed. I was told not to bother, just sell it and buy again. Luckily, I came across TSI. They were helpful, nice, and accommodating. They shipped my bed on schedule at the price they quoted.… More ›

Courtney tsi

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