College Moves: What to Pack and What to Buy (Mom Blog Society)

Posted in Moving on Aug 15, 2019, tagged with college moves

College Moves: What to Pack and What to Buy (Mom Blog Society)

It's college moving season!

Moving away to college is an exciting and stressful time for students and parents, especially if it involves a cross-country move. There's a lot to consider, from where your child will be living to how to transport their stuff. Of the many questions that may be on your mind, "what to pack"—and "what not to pack"—is often one of the most challenging elements of planning a long distance college move. To help make sure you and your college student start the semester off right, we partnered with Mom Blog Society to share some of our best tips for how to pack for a college move, including:

  • What to pack if your child will be living on campus
  • What to pack if they will be living off campus
  • What to leave behind when moving across the country for college
  • What to purchase when you arrive
  • How to transport large items like furniture
  • What to ship from home—and when it's worth it

For more expert tips for managing a college move, check out the full article on Mom Blog Society.

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