New City, No Friends: How To Meet Friends in a New City

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New City, No Friends: How To Meet Friends in a New City

Moving to new places can be a difficult adjustment, especially if you don’t know anybody in the place that you are moving to. Luckily, if you are moving to the city, you will quickly discover that it’s a melting pot filled with people from diverse backgrounds, bustling with energy and excitement at every corner. Whether it’s New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, cities offer a vast amount of opportunities for you to go out and meet new people. When moving to a city, the best way to adapt is to feel confident about being independent and take the initiative to involve yourself in everything a city has to offer.

Developing initial relationships

Who are you working with?

If you are moving to a new city because of a job, begin building friendships through your coworkers. During the average work week, you will be spending the majority of your time surrounded by the people you work with. Get to know everyone in your office on a more personal level. Finding common interests with your coworkers can lead to not only friendships, but to a stronger professional relationship as well.

Find your favorite Happy Hour spot

Another great place to begin meeting people is at bars and clubs. Cities are filled with hundreds of different locations to grab drinks with coworkers for Happy Hour after the workday ends. These are great places meet other business professionals in a more relaxed setting - meeting new people is easiest when you’re are able to act more casual.

Get involved with the community

Be a humanitarian

Connect with people by giving back to the city and helping to make a difference. Cities have an infinite amount of places where volunteer work is needed. Discover where local soup kitchens are or charitable initiatives are taking place, like planting a garden, and dedicate time on the weekends to lend assistance. While working to create a better community, meet the people who share in the similar interest of selflessness.

Good neighbor initiative

It’s always easy to network with the people who live closest to you. Make the first step by introducing yourself to your new neighbors. Be polite and respect your neighbors' belongings and personal space, and make it a priority to be friendly. This could include sending a small gift over for the holidays or lending an extra hand whenever they need help. Tackle issues that may arise with your neighbor head on and always greet them whenever you cross paths.

Don’t be afraid to do things on your own

Join work out classes

Research where the nearest gym is and sign up for a membership. The gym can be a great place to meet people, especially through joining classes. Whether it’s yoga, cycling, or Zumba, find people to connect with and build the gym into your daily routine. You could also find people to walk or jog with if a gym membership is too expensive - walking with a friend is a great way to socialize while adventuring through your new city.

Become part of a team

Building trustworthy and reliable friendships is always easiest through a teamwork environment. Sign up for any local adult sports teams, whether it’s soccer, baseball, or basketball. Moving to a new city will also lead you to cheering on the home sports teams. Embracing this change is a great way to get involved with the community and connect with other people!

Obsess over crafting

Cities are constantly evolving and developing new businesses. It’s becoming more and more popular to go out and enjoy experiences with other people rather than spending money on tangible items. Learn how to paint with a friend while sipping on your favorite cabernet sauvignon, discover the art of salsa dancing, or learn how to cook a gourmet dinner.

Look for upcoming cultural events

Coffee shops are a great place to start meeting people and discovering things to do. Most coffee shops have community boards where they post upcoming events and festivals happening within the city. Whether it’s a free concert, beer tasting, or an antique flea market, take advantage of the wide variety of events the city hosts.


Moving to a new city will open a vast amount of opportunities for you. From the diversity of the people to the endless amount of activities to involve yourself in, the city lifestyle will never leave you bored. Let TSI help you get there so you can start enjoying your new city right away! Learn more about our moving services.


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