How Do I Estimate the Weight of my Belongings for Shipping?

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How Do I Estimate the Weight of my Belongings for Shipping?

Like most people, you’ve probably never put much thought into how much all of your stuff weighs—and why would you?

You might be surprised at how important it is to know (or at least estimate) how much your stuff weighs altogether during the moving process. Whether you’re looking at a DIY move, consolidated freight, or professional movers, the weight of your stuff is one of the keys to the cost of the whole endeavor. That includes each piece of furniture, your mattress, and all of your belongings.

Unless you know roughly how much each of the items in your home weighs on their own, or you feel like researching their weight or weighing them—a time consuming and challenging process with lots of room for error, especially when it comes to weighing furniture—there are two ways to easily come up with an estimate ahead of a move:

  1. Use an online moving calculator
  2. Get a quote from a service representative at your mover or shipper

Let’s take a closer look at how these options can help you estimate the weight of your belongings.

1. Use an online moving calculator 

There are many moving calculators available online for calculating the estimated weight of your belongings, their size, and the cost of your move. These calculators will typically require you to input basic information like how many rooms or bedrooms are in your home, an inventory of what items you are moving, and how many people over the age of 12 will be moving. 

TSI TIP: It’s important to note that no matter how much detail goes into these calculations, they are just an estimate and your actual weight might vary. 

These calculators may also provide you with information like how many packing supplies you might need, what equipment may be required, or what size van or truck to rent, making them helpful tools for DIY moves. 

Moving calculators are a good way to estimate the weight of your belongings. The best way to get an accurate understanding and avoid any unexpected charges is to have a live or video walk-through with your mover or shipping company. 

2. A representative will give you a quote

One of the most reliable methods of estimating the weight of your belongings is to contact a reputable moving or shipping company for a quote. They will either send a representative to your home to look at what you are moving or shipping or they’ll provide your estimate via video chat. If you don’t have much to move, they may be able to do the estimate completely by phone. During your appointment they will: 

  • Inventory the belongings you are shipping
  • Use their furniture weight calculators to estimate the weight
  • Provide you with the shipping options available to you and their costs
  • Let you know how many boxes you’ll need and what items might need to be crated

TSI TIP: For single items, there is no need to get a weight estimate. Most shipping and moving companies are able to provide a quote for those without visiting or doing a video survey. 

You can get quotes from multiple companies before committing to a specific carrier, so don’t be afraid to check around and see what options there are and what service levels are offered. 


To estimate the weight of your belongings, start by using one of the many online calculators available. For the most accurate weight estimates, contact a moving or shipping company directly. They have the experience and systems necessary to provide accurate estimates and you are less likely to be stuck with surprise fees later because they provided the weight estimate themselves. 

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