How to Properly Pack Your Boxes

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Poorly packed boxes have a higher chance of damage compared to boxes that were packed the right way! Understanding how to properly pack a box can mean the difference of your items arriving safely or crushed - Pack your boxes correctly!

Follow these simple steps to pack your boxes for your move or shipment! We've outlined each part to show you what's important and how to protect your items from damage. Your boxes may get marked up and scuffed during the freight shipping process, but if you pack your boxes right... your items will be safe and secure inside. damaged!

Start By Grouping Items That Are of Similar Size and Weight. Try not to put unlike items in the same box (this also makes it easier once you try to unpack your boxes). For example, keep pots and pans in one box and your frames and photos in another.

Wrap Any Items That You Want To Protect From Breakage or Water Damage. Books should be wrapped in plastic bags that seal (this also protects photos and paintings). Kitchen items that are breakable can be wrapped in extra kitchen towels, or small blankets. Bubble wrap can be used as well. Use tape and twine to hold the protection in place. 

• Fill Up The Whole Box! Use layers of protection to fill in the whole area of the box (height and width). Use extra bubble wrap and packing peanuts – Fill All The Space of The Box. Boxes with nothing in the top or side space often collapse and get "crushed" when other boxes are stacked on top. Your boxes WILL get stacked with other boxes, so you need to do this right. If you don't have packing peanuts or bubble wrap – use other things to fill the unfilled space, Use old newspapers or clothing. This also prevents your items from moving around in the box during transport. Keep in mind that heavier items should be on the bottom. 

Keep Your Total Box Weight To Around 30 lbs. Boxes that are too heavy can break open (spilling the contents everywhere) and cause injury if you lift them incorrectly. Be careful not to under pack boxes! If there is extra space in your box it can be easily smashed, and the extra space leaves more room for your belongings to bounce around and break. 

The Last Two Things... 

(1) Tape the top and the bottom of every box—tape helps to reinforce the box so it won’t break. 

(2) Label All Sides with the recipient's name, delivery address, and mobile phone #. 

This will help the carrier locate and identify your boxes in case they are misplaced. If you have a lot of boxes, use your computer to print out a few large labels on a single page. Cut out your individual labels and tape them on to each side of the boxes. We hope this makes packing and preparing for your move or shipment easier. And remember, if you have any questions just call our moving and shipping specialists!

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