How to Pack and Move Toys

Posted in Packing on Jul 21, 2014, tagged with family, household goods

How to Pack and Move Toys

When you're planning a move and packing your house, what do you do with the toys you and your kids have collected over the past couple of years? Get your toy mountain packed and ready to move with our tips:

Declutter first

The first step is to sort through your toys and decide what you're going to keep, and what you're going to donate, sell, or toss. 

  • Keep: Hold on to any favorite toys, or ones that have special meaning to your kids. If your kids are very young, use your best judgment about what to keep—you know your kid best. If your kids are old enough to help, they can help you decide what stays and what goes.
  • Donate: Any toys that your kids have grown out of, but which still work, can be donated to your local Goodwill, or to family and friends with kids of an appropriate age. Before you donate any old toys, double check to make sure they work.
  • Sell: If your kids' toys are in good condition, you can also try selling them. Children's items are very popular at garage sales.
  • Toss: Get rid of any toys that are broken or unusable, such as puzzles that are missing pieces. 

Get packing

Once you've donated, sold, or gotten rid of any toys you aren't keeping, you can start packing the ones you are taking with you to your new home.

Moving can be especially stressful for children, and properly packing your toys will help you avoid the inevitable emotional meltdown that will result from opening a box of broken toys. Here's how to pack the most common toys:


All toys that have removable pieces, such as puzzles, should be removed and packaged separately. Plastic bags are a great way to keep everything together. Place the puzzle piece and any other removable or loose components in the bag, label it, then tape them to the puzzle or toy that they go with. 

Stuffed animals

It can be tempting to simply toss your stuffed animal zoo into a box and tape it up, but they may get wet, dusty, or dirty if they aren't packed properly. Before you box up any stuffed animals, wrap each one in a pastic bag. Better yet—pack stuffed animals into a watertight plastic bin. 

Breakable toys and collectors' items

Breakable or fragile toys, such as toy cars, action figures, some dolls, and dollhouses, should be wrapped before they are packed. Wrap these items in old clothes, rags, bubble wrap, or packing paper to keep them safe, and make sure your kids don't unpack a box of headless action figures and Barbies when they get to your new home.


Items such as iPads, tablets, Innotabs, Wii, Nintendo, etc. require some extra consideration when packing. Start by removing all wires, and place all cords, controllers, and other peripherals in a plastic bag clearly labeled with what it belongs to. Line the bottom of your box with crumpled packing paper, and wrap any electronic components securely in blankets or bubble wrap before loading them into the box.

TOY TIP: Pack your kids' favorite toys separately in an "essentials" box so that can easily find and unpack these toys as soon as they arrive. 

Packing Tips

Keep these tips in mind while you pack:

  • Clean your toys first so you don't have to unpack sticky or dusty toys. 
  • Make sure you drain any water from water pistols, or other water-based toys before you pack them.
  • Load heavier, sturdier toys towards the bottom of the box.
  • Fill any gaps with packing paper or bubble wrap to prevent shifting. 


Packing toys properly will make sure they arrive in one piece—and help you avoid an emotional meltdown when your child discovers that their favorite toy hasn't survived the move. Here's a quick recap on how to pack your toys:

  • Declutter first. Donate, sell, or toss anything you don't need to keep.
  • Separate removable and loose items and pack them into a plastic bag. Label the bag so you don't forget where it belongs. 
  • Wrap breakable toys and collector's items in bubble wrap before you pack them.
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