How to Pack a Dollhouse for Shipping

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How to Pack a Dollhouse for Shipping

As any collector knows, packing and shipping fragile items like a dollhouse is not an easy task. There are multiple delicate and expensive pieces, some have moving parts that need to be secured, and others are very old and won't survive any large falls.

Follow the tips below to pack a dollhouse for shipping:

1. Disassemble and wrap the pieces individually

Whatever can be taken apart should be disassembled—the more you can safely secure and wrap each part, the more likely it will survive the move. Start by removing and wrapping any exterior components, then pack up the inside of the dollhouse. Each item should be wrapped carefully in bubble wrap and packed into a small box clearly marked as "FRAGILE". 

PACKING TIP: Take photos as you disassemble and pack your dollhouse so you have a visual guide to follow when reassembling it in your new home.

Because of the amount of parts you’ll have, you may want to created separate bags labeled by room, part and section so that you can have everything together without getting anything mixed up.

2. Fasten moving parts

Next, you should secure any moving parts and/or pieces that can't be removed to add protection against breaking. If omoving pieces aren’t securely fastened, there’s a chance they could slide out and damage themselves as well as other items around them.

PACKING TIP: Attach small plastic cups to ceilings to protect hanging light fixtures like chandeliers.

Pieces that are removable, such as the top or walls should be fastened together using painter's tape to help them stay in place during the move. Don't use packing tape—the adhesive is strong, and may damage your dollhouse when you remove it.

3. Pad, pad, pad!

It goes without saying, but when you are shipping a dollhouse, you want to pad everything and apply an extra layer of protective padding, such as bubble wrap, on top of that. You never know who will be carrying your dollhouse or what items may be placed on top of it. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and add more padding when it’s a delicate and easily damaged item. You may also want to pad the interior spaces with crumpled packing paper, tissue paper, or even plastic wrap, taking care not to stuff them too full.

At a minimum, you should wrap your dollhouse in a thick layer of bubble wrap. An additional layer of moving blankets, secured in place with packing tape, will add extra protection. 

PACKING TIP: Make sure any padding doesn't apply pressure to the corners of the dollhouse, or any other protrusions. Plus, if your padding is too tight, it may be difficult to remove your dollhouse from the box or crate without causing damage. 

4. Box and double box

If your dollhouse is very fragile or expensive, placing it in a box lined with crumpled packing paper is a good idea. Placing that box inside another box with another layer of crumpled packing paper surrounding the outside of the inner box will add even more security. The additional layers of packing materials may help to reduce any shock damage during transport. For the greatest security, pack your dollhouse into a crate.

If you are hiring movers or profssional shippers, leave your box or crate open so they can double check your packing before loading your shipment onto the truck. 


We always recommend purchasing additional moving insurance for high-value or sentimental items like dollhouses. 

If you're still concerned about damaging your dollhouse, you can always call an experienced shipping company for advice, assistance, or a free quote if you’d rather not pack and ship it yourself.

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