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Sports And Exercise Equipment Resources, Guides & Tips

Simplify the process of shipping your belongings and moving your home or office with our sports and exercise equipment resources, sports and exercise equipment guides, and sports and exercise equipment tips.

How To Ship An Exercise Bicycle

Posted on Jun 22, 2016

A stationary exercise bike is not the easiest item to pack up and ship. However, decades in the shipping industry have given us enough experience shipping awkward, heavy items to pass on a few tips to help you get the job done right.

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What To Consider When Shipping Free Weights

Posted on Jun 20, 2016

Heavy by nature and sometimes awkward in shape, free weights might seem tricky to ship, but we have some tips, tricks and ideas to help you with the heavy lifting.

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How to Pack and Move your Home Gym

Posted on Jun 17, 2016

When it comes to rooms to pack up and move, few spaces seem more insurmountable than the home gym. Whether you decide to move them yourself or opt for a shipping service, there are things you can do to make packing these pieces up an easier job.

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How To Ship Camping Gear

Posted on Jun 08, 2016

Camping enthusiasts love to camp away from home. When they travel long distances across the U.S. for a camping excursion, the big question is: What is the best way to get gear to the campsite?

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7 Tips for Shipping an Assembled Bicycle

Posted on Jun 03, 2016

Bicycles can be awkward to transport. For something that is designed for movement, their shape, size and sometimes weight, can prove somewhat challenging when it comes to moving them. Thankfully, there are few ways you can simplify this process.

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How to Prepare Your Elliptical Machine for Moving

Posted on Jun 26, 2015

Elliptical trainers are a low-impact type of exercise equipment that helps you get in shape without hurting your back or knees. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful and you try to move and ship large items like this, not only can you cause yourself possible injury, but you can also end up breaking the equipment itself.

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How to Ship a Treadmill

Posted on Jan 04, 2013

Do you know how to safely ship your exercise equipment? In this article, we’ll provide several pointers to make the job easier and safer, and to help make sure you can resume your exercise routine immediately and seamlessly when your treadmill or elliptical reaches its destination.

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