Introducing Video Surveys: Take the Guesswork Out of Your Moving Quote

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Introducing Video Surveys: Take the Guesswork Out of Your Moving Quote

Whether you’re shipping a few pieces of furniture or an entire household worth of stuff, estimating the amount and weight of everything you have to move can be difficult. With our new video survey service, we can help take the guesswork out of your moving quote.

A video survey is just like an in-person moving quote, but instead of someone walking through your home, it’s all done on your smartphone. When we can see exactly what you want to move and how much stuff you have, we can create a more accurate moving quote.

Video surveys are especially helpful for:

  • Small moves, such as apartment moves
  • Long-distance or cross-country moves
  • Furniture moves
  • Household moves

Why Should You Schedule a Video Survey?

Video surveys combine the convenience of a phone estimate with the accuracy of an in-person quote. 

One significant advantage of a video survey is that it can be scheduled according to what works best for you, which is often helpful during a busy move. They can also be conducted anywhere across the country. This flexibility is especially beneficial if you’re moving on short notice and don’t have time to wait for an in-person quote. 

A video survey is also more accurate than a phone estimate. Reviewing exactly what you want to move helps us understand the unique challenges and considerations of your move, such as:

  • Long distances
  • Stairs or elevators
  • Large or heavy items
  • Abnormally shaped items

This helps us create a more precise quote, which helps you avoid any last minute charges.

Tips for Making the Most of your Video Survey

  • Show us everything you plan to ship, including all furniture and boxes, as well as inside closets, cupboards, and sheds. Boxes don’t need to be packed.
  • Measure your furniture and boxes in advance, and have these numbers handy during your survey.
  • Let us know if any of the items you plan to ship are fragile, antique, or especially valuable. 
  • Point out any complicating factors such as doorways, corners in hallways, stairs, elevators, or long distances.

Schedule A Video Survey

Take the guesswork out of your moving quote by scheduling a video survey with TSI today.

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