TSI Launches Design Logistics Solution, Powered by Metro White Glove

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TSI Launches Design Logistics Solution, Powered by Metro White Glove

Comprehensive logistical outsourcing for all shipping & delivery leads to operational efficiencies

TSI is happy to announce that we have partnered with Metro White Glove, another leader in the furniture and white glove shipping space, to launch a new solution for the Interior Design and Architecture industries. TSI Design Logistics, powered by Metro White Glove, has been structured to provide designers and architects with full-service support for the shipping and delivery needs of their projects.

TSI and Metro White Glove have been separately servicing designers, architects, furniture builders and manufacturers for close to 30 years each. The experience and expertise gathered by both companies combine to provide powerful, specialized logistical solutions. 

TSI will serve as the sole point of contact for designers and architects, offering options such as:

  • Assessment of logistical needs for all projects
  • Creation of project plans that cover scheduling, tracking, timeline and shipping budgets
  • Finding the best shipping / delivery solution for each element of a design, whether it’s an antique, fresh from the factory, fragile, internationally sourced, etc.

With highly trained teams available at hubs across the country, Metro White Glove will fulfill on the majority of shipments, with services including:

  • Packing and crating items as needed
  • Consolidating pieces in the Metro White Glove warehouse nearest the final destination
  • Inspection of items and minor repairs
  • Final delivery and install  

It’s been exciting to build this solution in partnership with Metro White Glove. Our goal is to let designers do what they do best – create spaces that may be beautiful, may be functional, may be playful; whatever their creative vision is. Then we will deliver them. Our team will serve as a single point of contact for all shipping and delivery needs and manage all the back-and-forth with manufacturers and other suppliers. Through Design Logistics, we will consolidate shipments and track progress against timelines. Then when everything is ready, we will get all the pieces to their destination to fulfill their part in the designer’s vision. - Chris Smith, CEO of TSI

Between the two companies, TSI and Metro White Glove service many thousands of furniture and specialty shipments nationally and internationally every year. By combining the natural strengths of TSI and Metro White Glove, the new Design Logistics solution will provide efficient management and oversight of the delivery of furniture, artwork, fixtures, raw materials, and other elements that make up designs, helping clients bring their spaces to life safely and affordably – with much less stress.

This solution represents a big step forward in the world of design logistics. I built this company in part by working closely with designers who required consolidation and management of furniture shipments. This is a challenge that’s of great personal interest to me and to Metro White Glove. We excel at shipping furniture and always seek to continue expanding our expertise via employee training, process optimizations, and new services. We found the ideal partner for interior design and architecture solutions in TSI, a company that excels at high touch client relationships and logistical problem-solving. - Shawn Khan, President at Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery Corp

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