Top 5 Reasons To Ship A Mattress

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Top 5 Reasons To Ship A Mattress

Don’t lose sleep worrying about moving your mattress! Let the experts at Transit Systems, Inc. ship your mattress for you — affordably, safely and quickly.

Moving a mattress can be quite challenging. It’s big and bulky, hard to maneuver up and down stairs and around corners, and requires special packing. Isn’t it cheaper to buy a new mattress at your new location than to ship it? And if you do decide to move it, how should you ship your mattress? Read on to learn why you might want to move your mattress, and why shipping is the best option.

Shipping Your Mattress Is the Best Option

Here are five reasons for shipping your mattress.

1. You Don’t Want to Discard Your Mattress and Buy a New One

While in some cases it might be cheaper to get rid of your mattress instead of moving it, you might decide to transport your mattress because:

  • Your mattress is fairly new and in great shape
  • Your top-of-the-line mattress is very expensive to replace
  • You have an older bed that requires a thinner mattress, which may not be easy to find today
  • Your mattress was custom-made to fit an antique or odd-sized bed, a four-poster bed, or your RV or boat

2. Shipping Your Mattress Is Safer Than Moving It Yourself

We’ve all seen cars traveling along the highway with mattresses tied to their roofs — and as the car passes us, we hope that the mattress doesn’t fall off and cause an accident. Driving with a mattress tied to the top of your car is never a good idea, but especially now — today’s thicker mattresses are heavier and harder to move, and there is always a chance that the mattress will slip off the roof.

Did you know that it’s illegal to drive with an improperly secured load? While transporting a mattress on your car roof may not be illegal per se, you can be ticketed if it’s not tied securely.

3. It’s Cheaper to Ship a Mattress Than to Rent a Truck

If you plan to drive to your new location, it is more affordable to ship your mattress via a moving company than to rent and drive a costly, gas-guzzling truck across the country. If you ship with an LTL (less-than-truckload) shipper, your mattress travels in a truck with other people’s belongings — in effect, you’re sharing the costs of fuel and mileage with other long-distance movers.

4. Shipping Your Mattress Makes Your Move Quicker

Let’s assume that you’re leaving your car behind — you don’t need one at your new destination or you plan to replace your old “junker” with a new car when you arrive. If you decide to rent a truck and move a mattress by yourself or with friends, then you can be on the road for days, especially if you’re traveling a distance that requires a motel stay or two along the way.

Want to save a lot of time? Simply ship your belongings via a professional moving company and fly to your new destination!

5. Professional Shipping Is Less Stressful Than Doing It Yourself

Do you really know how to move a mattress? Are you an expert packer? Do you have the right packing materials? Are you able to carry your mattress up and down stairs safely? Do you know how to load and unload a truck? What’s the best route for getting to your new home?

The more you think about what’s involved, the better the professional shipping option looks. Professional movers do this for a living; take advantage of their expertise and let them ship your mattress for you — affordably, safely and quickly.

How to Ship a Mattress

So you’ve decided to employ a moving company to ship your mattress, but you still have a decision to make. Should you ship your mattress using the more economical LTL service or the value-added white glove service? White glove service is easier. When you contract for white glove service, a professional shipping crew picks up and delivers your mattress, loads and unloads the truck and even carefully packs your mattress for you. The shipper takes care of all the details so you can concentrate on getting yourself and your family safely to your new home. LTL shipping is more affordable. Less-than-truckload, or economy, service is cheaper because you do some of the work yourself. You pack your mattress, bring it to the curb, help load the truck, help unload at the curb of your destination and carry your mattress into your home. This is a great option if you — or your friends and relatives — are handy and strong. If you choose this option, be advised that when you pack your mattress and box spring, they must be covered and boxed to protect them from dust, dirt, moisture and insects during the move. Mattress boxes and bags are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Get more details about packing your mattress and box spring. Here’s what you need when preparing your mattress for shipping:

  • Mattress bag
  • Mattress box
  • Strong packaging tape
  • Moving blankets for extra protection inside the box
  • Black marker for labeling the top end of your box and for writing your address

Why Transit Systems, Inc. Should Be Your Small Moving Company

For help with shipping your mattress — from assistance in choosing the best option for your needs to getting valuable advice on packing — select a moving company that has a high level of expertise and years of experience in moving mattresses from one location to another. Transit Systems, Inc. has been shipping mattresses since 1989. In addition to our decades of experience, we enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry. Our friendly, fast and courteous mattress shipping professionals are experts in shipping mattresses, box springs and futons at low rates. To obtain a quote on moving your mattress or for answers to your questions about packing materials and procedures, please feel free to contact the professionals at Transit Systems, Inc. Call us Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. for a mattress shipping quote, or request a quote online now.

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